Psalm 79

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{79:1} In finem, Pro iis, qui commutabuntur, testimonium Asaph, Psalmus.
{79:1} Unto the end. For those who will be changed. The testimony of Asaph. A Psalm.

{79:2} Qui regis Israel, intende: qui deducis velut ovem Ioseph. Qui sedes super cherubim, manifestare
{79:2} The One who reigns over Israel: Be attentive. For you lead Joseph like a sheep. The One who sits upon the cherubim: Shine forth

{79:3} coram Ephraim, Beniamin, et Manasse. Excita potentiam tuam, et veni, ut salvos facias nos.
{79:3} in the presence of Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh. Awaken your power and draw near, so as to accomplish our salvation.

{79:4} Deus converte nos: et ostende faciem tuam, et salvi erimus.
{79:4} Convert us, O God. And reveal your face, and we will be saved.

{79:5} Domine Deus virtutum, quousque irasceris super orationem servi tui?
{79:5} O Lord, God of hosts, how long will you be angry over the prayer of your servant?

~ There are two possible meanings here (at least). One meaning is that God is angry despite (over and above) the prayer of His servant. The other meaning is that He is angry at the inappropriate or sinful prayer of someone who is otherwise a servant of God. Some make the mistake of the Pharisee, praying with some degree of selfishness or self-exaltation. Prayer is not necessarily pleasing to God.

{79:6} Cibabis nos pane lacrymarum: et potum dabis nobis in lacrymis in mensura?
{79:6} How long will you feed us the bread of tears, and give us to drink a full measure of tears?

{79:7} Posuisti nos in contradictionem vicinis nostris: et inimici nostri subsannaverunt nos.
{79:7} You have set us as a contradiction to our neighbors. And our enemies have ridiculed us.

{79:8} Deus virtutum converte nos: et ostende faciem tuam: et salvi erimus.
{79:8} O God of hosts, convert us. And reveal your face, and we will be saved.

{79:9} Vineam de Ægypto transtulisti: eiecisti Gentes, et plantasti eam.
{79:9} You have transferred a vineyard from Egypt. You have cast out the Gentiles, and planted it.

{79:10} Dux itineris fuisti in conspectu eius: plantasti radices eius, et implevit terram.
{79:10} You were the leader of the journey in its sight. You planted its roots, and it filled the earth.

{79:11} Operuit montes umbra eius: et arbusta eius cedros Dei.
{79:11} Its shadow covered the hills, and its branches covered the cedars of God.

{79:12} Extendit palmites suos usque ad mare: et usque ad flumen propagines eius.
{79:12} It extended its new branches even to the sea, and its new seedlings even to the river.

{79:13} Ut quid destruxisti maceriam eius: et vindemiant eam omnes, qui prætergrediuntur viam?
{79:13} So then, why have you destroyed its walls, so that all those who pass by the way gather its grapes?

{79:14} Exterminavit eam aper de silva: et singularis ferus depastus est eam.
{79:14} The wild boar of the forest has trampled it, and a single wild beast has laid waste to it.

~ The word ‘exterminavit’ does not translate as ‘exterminate.’ Rather, it has the sense of crossing a limit or border, or breaking out of a limit or border. In this context, the sense is that the borders and fences of the vineyard have been broken down and trampled over. Also, the ‘singularis ferus’ could be a ‘single wild beast,’ or even a ‘singular wild beast.’

{79:15} Deus virtutum convertere: respice de cælo, et vide, et visita vineam istam.
{79:15} Turn back, O God of hosts. Look down from heaven, and see, and visit this vineyard;

{79:16} Et perfice eam, quam plantavit dextera tua: et super filium hominis, quem confirmasti tibi.
{79:16} and complete what your right hand has planted, and look upon the son of man, whom you have confirmed for yourself.

{79:17} Incensa igni, et suffossa ab increpatione vultus tui peribunt.
{79:17} Whatever has been set on fire and dug under will perish at the rebuke of your countenance.

{79:18} Fiat manus tua super virum dexteræ tuæ: et super filium hominis, quem confirmasti tibi.
{79:18} Let your hand be over the man on your right, and over the son of man, whom you have confirmed for yourself.

{79:19} Et non discedimus a te, vivificabis nos: et nomen tuum invocabimus.
{79:19} For we do not depart from you, and you will revive us. And we will invoke your name.

{79:20} Domine Deus virtutum converte nos: et ostende faciem tuam, et salvi erimus.
{79:20} O Lord, God of hosts, convert us. And reveal your face, and we will be saved.


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