Psalm 108: For Those Who Suffer Ingratitude And Calumny

Psalm 108: Christ’s Enemies. For Those Who Suffer Ingratitude And Calumny.

Prayer for help against merciless and treacherous foes. This psalm is a type of Christ and his enemies. The curses express divine punishments for the impenitent rather than a wish of the psalmist.

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{108:1} In finem, Psalmus David.
{108:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of David.

{108:2} Deus laudem meam ne tacueris: quia os peccatoris, et os dolosi super me apertum est.
{108:2} O God, do not be silent toward my praise, for the mouth of the sinner and the mouth of the deceitful one have been opened against me.

{108:3} Locuti sunt adversum me lingua dolosa, et sermonibus odii circumdederunt me: et expugnaverunt me gratis.
{108:3} They have spoken against me with deceitful tongues, and they have surrounded me with hateful words, and they fought against me over nothing.

{108:4} Pro eo ut me diligerent, detrahebant mihi: ego autem orabam.
{108:4} Instead of choosing to act on my behalf, they detracted me. But I gave myself to prayer.

{108:5} Et posuerunt adversum me mala pro bonis: et odium pro dilectione mea.
{108:5} And they set evil against me, instead of good, and hatred, in return for my love.

{108:6} Constitue super eum peccatorem: et diabolus stet a dextris eius.
{108:6} Establish the sinner over him, and let the devil stand at his right hand.

{108:7} Cum iudicatur, exeat condemnatus: et oratio eius fiat in peccatum.
{108:7} When he is judged, may he go forth in condemnation, and may his prayer be counted as sin.

{108:8} Fiant dies eius pauci: et episcopatum eius accipiat alter.
{108:8} May his days be few, and let another take his episcopate.

{108:9} Fiant filii eius orphani: et uxor eius vidua.
{108:9} May his sons be orphans, and his wife a widow.

{108:10} Nutantes transferantur filii eius, et mendicent: et eiiciantur de habitationibus suis.
{108:10} May his sons be carried by those who walk unsteadily, and may they go begging. And may they be cast out of their dwelling places.

{108:11} Scrutetur fœnerator omnem substantiam eius: et diripiant alieni labores eius.
{108:11} May the money lenders scrutinize all his belongings, and let foreigners plunder his labors.

{108:12} Non sit illi adiutor: nec sit qui misereatur pupillis eius.
{108:12} May there be no one to assist him, nor anyone to be compassionate to his orphaned children.

{108:13} Fiant nati eius in interitum: in generatione una deleatur nomen eius.
{108:13} May his posterity be in utter ruin. In one generation, may his name be wiped away.

{108:14} In memoriam redeat iniquitas patrum eius in conspectu Domini: et peccatum matris eius non deleatur.
{108:14} May the iniquity of his fathers return in memory before the sight of the Lord, and do not let the sin of his mother be wiped away.

{108:15} Fiant contra Dominum semper, et dispereat de terra memoria eorum:
{108:15} May these be opposite the Lord always, but let their memory perish from the earth.

{108:16} pro eo quod non est recordatus facere misericordiam.
{108:16} For certain things are not remembered about them, in order to be merciful.

{108:17} Et persecutus est hominem inopem, et mendicum, et compunctum corde mortificare.
{108:17} And so the destitute man was pursued, with the beggar and the remorseful in heart, so as to be put to death.

{108:18} Et dilexit maledictionem, et veniet ei: et noluit benedictionem, et elongabitur ab eo. Et induit maledictionem sicut vestimentum, et intravit sicut aqua in interiora eius, et sicut oleum in ossibus eius.
{108:18} And he loved a curse, and it came to him. And he was unwilling to have a blessing, and it went far from him. And he clothed himself with curses like a garment, and it entered his inner self like water, and it entered his bones like oil.

{108:19} Fiat ei sicut vestimentum, quo operitur: et sicut zona, qua semper præcingitur.
{108:19} May it be to him like a garment that covers him, and like a belt that always cinches him.

{108:20} Hoc opus eorum, qui detrahunt mihi apud Dominum: et qui loquuntur mala adversus animam meam.
{108:20} This is the work of those who detract me with the Lord and who speak evils against my soul.

{108:21} Et tu Domine, Domine, fac mecum propter nomen tuum: quia suavis est misericordia tua.
{108:21} But as for you, Lord, O Lord: act on my behalf for your name’s sake. For your mercy is sweet.

{108:22} Libera me quia egenus, et pauper ego sum: et cor meum conturbatum est intra me.
{108:22} Free me, for I am destitute and poor, and my heart has been disquieted within me.

{108:23} Sicut umbra cum declinat, ablatus sum: et excussus sum sicut locustæ.
{108:23} I have been taken away like a shadow when it declines, and I have been shaken off like locusts.

{108:24} Genua mea infirmata sunt a ieiunio: et caro mea immutata est propter oleum.
{108:24} My knees have been weakened by fasting, and my flesh has been replaced by oil.

{108:25} Et ego factus sum opprobrium illis: viderunt me, et moverunt capita sua.
{108:25} And I have become a disgrace to them. They saw me, and they shook their heads.

{108:26} Adiuva me Domine Deus meus: salvum me fac secundum misericordiam tuam.
{108:26} Help me, O Lord, my God. Save me according to your mercy.

{108:27} Et sciant quia manus tua hæc: et tu Domine fecisti eam.
{108:27} And let them know that this is your hand, and that you, O Lord, have done this.

{108:28} Maledicent illi, et tu benedices: qui insurgunt in me, confundantur: servus autem tuus lætabitur.
{108:28} They will curse, and you will bless. May those who rise up against me be confounded. But your servant will rejoice.

{108:29} Induantur qui detrahunt mihi, pudore: et operiantur sicut diploide confusione sua.
{108:29} May those who detract me be clothed with shame, and may they be covered with their confusion, as if with a double cloak.

{108:30} Confitebor Domino nimis in ore meo: et in medio multorum laudabo eum.
{108:30} I will confess exceedingly to the Lord with my mouth. And I will praise him in the midst of the multitude.

{108:31} Quia astitit a dextris pauperis, ut salvam faceret a persequentibus animam meam.
{108:31} For he stands at the right hand of the poor, in order to save my soul from persecutors.

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