Psalm 35: For Those Inclined to Pride

Psalm 35: Praise of God’s Mercy. For Those Inclined to Pride.

The conduct of the wicked as contrasted with the inexhaustible loving-kindness of God. However shrewd the planning of the godless, it is futile against the grace and mercy of God.

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{35:1} In finem, servo Domini ipsi David.
{35:1} Unto the end. To the servant of the Lord, David himself.

{35:2} Dixit iniustus ut delinquat in semetipso: non est timor Dei ante oculos eius.
{35:2} The unjust one has said within himself that he would commit offenses. There is no fear of God before his eyes.

{35:3} Quoniam dolose egit in conspectu eius: ut inveniatur iniquitas eius ad odium.
{35:3} For he has acted deceitfully in his sight, such that his iniquity will be found to be hatred.

{35:4} Verba oris eius iniquitas, et dolus: noluit intelligere ut bene ageret.
{35:4} The words of his mouth are iniquity and deceit. He is unwilling to understand, so that he may act well.

{35:5} Iniquitatem meditatus est in cubili suo: astitit omni viæ non bonæ, malitiam autem non odivit.
{35:5} He has been considering iniquity on his bed. He has set himself on every way that is not good; moreover, he has not hated evil.

{35:6} Domine in cælo misericordia tua: et veritas tua usque ad nubes.
{35:6} Lord, your mercy is in heaven, and your truth is even to the clouds.

{35:7} Iustitia tua sicut montes Dei: iudicia tua abyssus multa. Homines, et iumenta salvabis Domine:
{35:7} Your justice is like the mountains of God. Your judgments are a great abyss. Men and beasts, you will save, O Lord.

{35:8} quemadmodum multiplicasti misericordiam tuam Deus. Filii autem hominum, in tegmine alarum tuarum sperabunt.
{35:8} How you have multiplied your mercy, O God! And so the sons of men will hope under the cover of your wings.

{35:9} Inebriabuntur ab ubertate domus tuæ: et torrente voluptatis tuæ potabis eos.
{35:9} They will be inebriated with the fruitfulness of your house, and you will give them to drink from the torrent of your enjoyment.

{35:10} Quoniam apud te est fons vitæ: et in lumine tuo videbimus lumen.
{35:10} For with you is the fountain of life; and within your light, we will see the light.

{35:11} Prætende misericordiam tuam scientibus te, et iustitiam tuam his, qui recto sunt corde.
{35:11} Extend your mercy before those who know you, and your justice to these, who are upright in heart.

{35:12} Non veniat mihi pes superbiæ: et manus peccatoris non moveat me.
{35:12} May arrogant feet not approach me, and may the hand of the sinner not disturb me.

{35:13} Ibi ceciderunt qui operantur iniquitatem: expulsi sunt, nec potuerunt stare.
{35:13} In that place, those who work iniquity have fallen. They have been expelled; they were not able to stand.

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