Psalm 59: To Obtain Strength in Temptation

Psalm 59: Hope in Defeat. To Obtain Strength in Temptation.

A prayer of Israel in serious distress. The people have suffered a great defeat, yet the psalmist conceives new hope for them in the remembrance of God’s promises.

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{59:1} In finem, Pro his, qui immutabuntur, in tituli inscriptionem ipsi David in doctrinam,
{59:1} Unto the end. For those who will be changed, with the inscription of a title, of David himself, for instruction:

{59:2} cum succendit Mesopotamiam Syriæ, et Sobal, et convertit Ioab, et percussit Idumæam in valle Salinarum duodecim millia.
{59:2} when he set fire to Mesopotamia of Syria and Sobal, and Joab turned back and struck Idumea, in the valley of the salt pits, twelve thousand men.

{59:3} Deus repulisti nos, et destruxisti nos: iratus es, et misertus es nobis.
{59:3} O God, you have rejected us, and you have ruined us. You became angry, and yet you have been merciful to us.

{59:4} Commovisti terram, et conturbasti eam: sana contritiones eius, quia commota est.
{59:4} You have moved the earth, and you have disturbed it. Heal its breaches, for it has been moved.

{59:5} Ostendisti populo tuo dura: potasti nos vino compunctionis.
{59:5} You have revealed to your people difficulties. You have made us drink the wine of remorse.

{59:6} Dedisti metuentibus te significationem: ut fugiant a facie arcus: Ut liberentur dilecti tui:
{59:6} You have given a warning sign to those who fear you, so that they may flee from before the face of the bow, so that your beloved may be delivered.

{59:7} salvum fac dextera tua, et exaudi me.
{59:7} Save me with your right hand, and hear me.

{59:8} Deus locutus est in sancto suo: Lætabor, et partibor Sichimam: et convallem tabernaculorum metibor.
{59:8} God has spoken in his holy place: I will rejoice, and I will divide Shechem, and I will measure the steep valley of the tabernacles.

{59:9} Meus est Galaad, et meus est Manasses: et Ephraim fortitudo capitis mei. Iuda rex meus:
{59:9} Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine. And Ephraim is the strength of my head. Judah is my king.

{59:10} Moab olla spei meæ. In Idumæam extendam calceamentum meum: mihi alienigenæ subditi sunt.
{59:10} Moab is the cooking pot of my hope. Into Idumea, I will extend my shoe. To me, the foreigners have been made subject.

{59:11} Quis deducet me in civitatem munitam? quis deducet me usque in Idumæam?
{59:11} Who will lead me into the fortified city? Who will lead me all the way to Idumea?

{59:12} Nonne tu Deus, qui repulisti nos: et non egredieris Deus in virtutibus nostris?
{59:12} Will not you, O God, who has rejected us? And will not you, O God, go out with our armies?

{59:13} Da nobis auxilium de tribulatione: quia vana salus hominis.
{59:13} Grant us help from tribulation. For salvation from man is empty.

{59:14} In Deo faciemus virtutem: et ipse ad nihilum deducet tribulantes nos.
{59:14} In God, we will act virtuously. And those who trouble us, he will lead to nothing.

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