My Daily Psalm Book: The Perfect Prayer Book

US$ 15.00

This book takes the Psalms and arranges them for each day of the week. Imprint: Confraternity of the Precious Blood. Publication Date: August 12, 1947
Binding: Imitation Leather Pocket Edition, 382 pages.
Dimensions:   3.5 x 5.25 x 0.50


The Church gives us many prayers. But after the prayers of the Mass, none are more hallowed than the Psalms – where God Himself teaches us to pray in words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Arranged by Father Joseph Frey, My Daily Psalm Book features a beautiful, solemn, but readable text, adorned with nearly 200 stirring illustrations by artist Ariel Agemian.

In My Daily Psalm Book, these powerful prayers are presented in compact size, perfect for pocket or purse. Take out and read in spare moments or brief periods of reflection throughout the day.

My Daily Psalm Book is a simple Divine Office for lay people to pray the Psalms assigned to each day of the week. Or follow your own schedule, returning to favorite Psalms or using the helpful guide to find those Psalms specially suited to personal occasions and needs, including:

  • Dealing with depression and discouragement
  • Managing excessive pride—as well as timidity
  • Preparation for Confession and Adoration
  • Times of need, sickness, and trouble

In addition, My Daily Psalm Book includes a numerical index of Psalms (p. 365), a guide on how to pray the Psalms and a section to record your favorite Psalms and page numbers for easy-access at any time.

The psalms are the vital presentation of God’s inspirations and man’s aspirations; they are the ideal manifestations of man’s hunger and thirst after God and of God’s loving response to man. Of great age, they are ever new and appropriate.

My Daily Psalm Book opens up these treasures, making them accessible to laypeople so that they may join in the prayer of Church and turn to the Psalms in time of need.

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