Ecclesiastical Tradition

Ecclesiastical Tradition and Teaching of Doctors of the Church

“It is unlawful to alter the established customs of the Church …Remove not the ancient landmarks which thy fathers have set.” – St. Peter Damien, Doctor of the Church. “Let everything that conflicts with ecclesiastical tradition and teaching, and that has been innovated and done contrary to the examples outlined by the saints and the venerable Fathers, or that shall hereafter at any time be done in such a fashion, be anathema.” Second Council of Nicea. “If anyone rejects any written or unwritten tradition of the Church, let him be anathema.” Second Council of Nicea. New Doctrines are not Catholic. They are heresy. The[…]

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The 'Spirit of Assisi' vs. Saint Francis of Assisi

The ‘Spirit of Assisi’ vs. Saint Francis of Assisi

By John Vennari (1958-2017) Published in Catholic Family News, April 2002 It is becoming increasingly obvious that within the Church since the Council we are now in the age of slogans: empty, meaningless slogans that really do not have much substance and that do not convey the true picture of what is actually being promoted. We are all familiar with the slogans: the promise of a “new springtime,” a “civilization of love,” a “new Pentecost,” and now, a novel orientation named “the spirit of Assisi” (1). In a recent lecture called “The New Pentecost vs. the True Pentecost,” I explained[…]

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Blessed rosary, rosaries and chaplets, crosses and crucifixes

Blessed Crosses, Crucifixes, Rosaries and Medals

Blessed rosary, rosaries and chaplets, crosses and crucifixes are a powerful channel of Grace, and have many indulgences attached to them. The following text comes from “Raccolta: Collection of Prayers and Good Works for Which the Popes Have Granted Holy Indulgences” –  “Raccolta delle orazioni e pie opere per le quali sono sono concedute dai Sommi Pontefici le SS. Indulgenze”. Ancient may have been the custom of the Sovereign Pontiff to bless and distribute to the faithful sacred articles of gold, silver, or other metal (whence originated the Pontifical blessing and distribution of crosses, crucifixes, rosaries, medals, &c.), yet is[…]

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Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Attacks Made by Heretics upon the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The persecutions which the evil enemy has stirred up at various times against the most holy sacrifice of the Mass are a proof how sacred a thing it must be, and how obnoxious to the devil; otherwise he would not attack it with such violence. In the first ten centuries of the Christian Church teachers of heresy were indeed not wanting, but none of them ventured to assail the Mass, much less did they attempt to do away with it. The heretic Berengarius of Tours was the first who presumed to speak and write against the holy Mass. His erroneous[…]

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Six Discourses on Natural Calamities, Divine Threats and the Four Gates of Hell Paperback – 13 Jun 2012 by St. Alphonsus Liguouri

“Six Discourses on Natural Calamities, Divine Threats, and the Four Gates of Hell” by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Saint Alphonsus Liguori, great Doctor of the Church, has written six of the most powerful discourses on how God uses natural calamities such as Floods, Storms, Droughts, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, etc. to warn people to change their ways, rather than as punishments. He discusses how God threatens to chastise us in order to save us from chastisement; how sinners often refuse to believe in God’s Divine Threats until the chastisements come upon them; how God is merciful for a season and then chastises; how external devotions are useless if we do not cleanse our souls from sin; how God chastises[…]

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St. Joseph Protect the Church In Times Of Tribulation

Diabolical Disorientation – An Explanation of the Current Crisis

By FR. NICHOLAS GRUNER, S.T.L., S.T.D. [Canada]Taken from the Summer, 2006 Issue, THE FATIMA CRUSADER NOTE: The term “Diabolical Disorientation” comes up in conversation more and more frequently. What is it? What does it mean? What does it have to do with me? Father Gruner answers your questions about this epidemic that has been slowly infecting large segments of the Catholic Church collectively as well as many individual souls of the Faithful. WHEN a person is disoriented, he is in a state of confusion and loses his bearings. He does not understand things clearly. It’s similar to being away and[…]

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Baltimore Catechism On Indulgences

The enemies of the Church have made use of the abuse of Indulgences to deny the doctrine of Indulgences, and to break down the teaching and limit the power of the Church. Not to be deceived in matters of faith, we must always distinguish very carefully between the abuses to which a devotion may lead and the truths upon which the devotion rests. Q. 839. What is an Indulgence? A. An Indulgence is the remission in whole or in part of the temporal punishment due to sin. Q. 840. What does the word “indulgence” mean? A. The word indulgence means[…]

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Patristic Bible Commentary on 2 Thessalonians 2, Douay-Rheims

Patristic Bible Commentary on 2 Thessalonians 2

The Original Douay-Rheims translation of the New Testament was made in 1582. The commentary on 2 Thessalonians 2 that Antichrist “sitteth in the temple of God” of the Original Douay-Rheims Bible is written as following: St. Augustine therefore li. 20 de civit. c. 19 and St. Jerome q. 11 ad Algasiam. do think, that this sitting of Antichrist in the temple, doth signify his sitting in the Church of Christ, rather than in Solomon’s temple. Not as though he should be a chief member of the Church of Christ, or a special part of his body mystical, and be Antichrist[…]

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St. Irenaeus of Lyons

St. Irenaeus of Lyons Against the Heresies

St. Irenaeus of Lyons lived from about 130 to 200 AD. He was a disciple of St. Polycarp, who was himself a disciple of St. John the Apostle. St. Irenaeus’ main work Against Heresies gives insight into the world of the early Church. Feast day June 28. Now you can listen to St. Ireneaus’ Against Heresies in a newly released audio version of this work from LibriVox. This is an actual reading of the text, not some computer audio voice. The entire text can be listened to or downloaded for listening later at no charge and the recordings have been[…]

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How the Projects and Devices of the Heretics Fell to Pieces

HELL, enraged against the Mystical Body of Christ, has at different times mustered its forces to make a fatal assault on the Catholic Church. But Christ, her Head and Divine Founder, has marvelously come to the aid of the Church in each great tribulation. He has forestalled the coming attack, and at several critical periods, He has been pleased, through His august Mother, the Queen of the universe, to crush the head of the infernal serpent. Thus, in one of the saddest ages of the history of the Church, the Blessed Trinity, through the intervention of Our Lady, destroyed heresy[…]

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A List Of The Dogmas Of The Catholic Church

A Summary of Infallibly Declared Dogmas of the Catholic Faith

Catholic church is one in faith, one in sacrament, one in government. There is unity in faith, for if a Catholic rejects even one single article of her creed, he, by the very fact, ceases to be a Catholic. Besides, she teaches the same doctrine that she taught in the beginning, and she will continue to teach it till the end. If a baptized person deliberately denies or contradicts a dogma, he or she is guilty of sin of heresy and automatically becomes subject to the punishment of excommunication. The following list of Infallibly Declared Dogmas of the Catholic Faith[…]

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Program of Christ Against The Plans of Satan

The Program of Christ Against the Plans of Satan (By Father Denis Fahey, C.S. Sp.)

The following article comes from the writings of Father Denis Fahey, C.S. Sp., a brilliant Irish professor of Theology. Much of the material in this article is actually a compilation of portions of the encyclical letters of several Popes. This outline is but a sample of Father Fahey’s great works on the reign of Jesus Christ over all levels of society while Satan’s aim is to continue to mock crowning of Christ the King. And it is we who allow it by our apathy, our sins, our lack of sacrifice and prayer. The Role of the Catholic Church Our Lord’s[…]

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