Prayers for the Church an the Civil Authorities

Prayers for the Church and the Civil Authorities

We pray Thee, O Almighty and Eternal God, who through Jesus Christ hast revealed Thy glory to all nations, to preserve the works of Thy mercy; that Thy Church, being spread through the whole world, may continue, with unchanging faith,in the confession of Thy name. We pray Thee, who alone art good and holy,to endow with heavenly knowledge, sincere zeal,and sanctity of life our chief bishop, N., the Vicar of our Lord Jesus Christ in the government of His Church; our own Bishop, (or Archbishop,) N., (if he is not consecrated, our Bishop-elect); all other Bishops, Prelates, and Pastors of[…]

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Candlemas, Symbolism & Blessing of Candles

The Candlemas, Symbolism & Blessing of Candles

The use of lights as an adjunct to worship goes back to the beginning of the Church, and even farther. Among the Jews and in many pagan rites the use of lights had long been looked upon as appropriate in connection with public homage to their God or gods. It is probable that among Christians they were first employed simply to dispel darkness, when the sacred mysteries were celebrated before dawn, as was the custom, or in the gloom of the catacombs; but the beautiful symbolism of their use was soon recognized by the writers’ of the early Church. The[…]

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Guardian Angel Medal Pendant for Emergency Medical Technicians

“Recordare, Domine” Votive Mass in the Time of Pestilence

Some of the richest treasures of the traditional Roman Liturgy are the Votive Masses near the back of the St. Andrew’s Missal (1945 Edition). These devotions were systematically and purposely stripped out of the church’s life, as Fr. John Zuhlsdorf noted, to weaken our Catholic identity and to make us more susceptible to the winds of the world with its shifting fads and mores. The votive masses were an easy target for the radical reformers, and because many faithful are now frozen at 1962 as per Summorum Pontificum, so you might hear ‘Recordare domine’ Mass only in an independent chapel[…]

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Program of Christ Against The Plans of Satan

The Program of Christ Against the Plans of Satan (By Father Denis Fahey, C.S. Sp.)

The following article comes from the writings of Father Denis Fahey, C.S. Sp., a brilliant Irish professor of Theology. Much of the material in this article is actually a compilation of portions of the encyclical letters of several Popes. This outline is but a sample of Father Fahey’s great works on the reign of Jesus Christ over all levels of society while Satan’s aim is to continue to mock crowning of Christ the King. And it is we who allow it by our apathy, our sins, our lack of sacrifice and prayer. The Role of the Catholic Church Our Lord’s[…]

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Holy Apostolic Mass

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on His Return to Holy Apostolic Mass

You who permit yourselves to prohibit the Holy Apostolic Mass, have you ever celebrated it? You who from the height of your liturgical cathedrae are piqued about the “old Mass,” have you ever meditated on its prayers, its rites, and its ancient and sacred gestures? I have asked myself this many times in the past few years: because I myself, even though I knew this Mass since I was very young; even though I had learned to serve it and respond to the celebrant when I was so little that I was still wearing boys’ knickers, I had almost forgotten[…]

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Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes: “Go Kiss the Earth in Penance for Sinners”

FROM THE ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS XII on July 2, 1957: WARNING AGAINST MATERIALISM ON THE CENTENARY OF THE APPARITIONS AT LOURDES TO THE CARDINALS, ARCHBISHOPS, AND BISHOPS OF FRANCE IN PEACE AND COMMUNION WITH THE APOSTOLIC SEE: “In a society which is barely conscious of the ills which assail it, which conceals its miseries and injustices beneath a prosperous, glittering, and trouble-free exterior, the Immaculate Virgin, whom sin has never touched, manifests herself to an innocent child. With a mother’s compassion she looks upon this world redeemed by her Son’s blood, where sin accomplishes so much ruin daily, and[…]

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Our Lady Refuge of Sinners

Refugium Peccatorum: Our Lady Refuge of Sinners

Refugium Peccatorum meaning Refuge of Sinners is a Roman Catholic title for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its use goes back to Saint Germanus of Constantinople in the 8th century. (Saint Alphonsus Liguori, The Glories of Mary.) “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who sent thee this day to meet me; . . . and blessed be thou, who hast kept me to-day from coming to blood.” (1 Kings, xxv, 32, 33.) THE worst evil that can befall us is unquestionably sin. This is of a truth our soul’s enemy, which by sullying its purity, renders it an object of[…]

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