Saint Benedict Prayers

The Power of St. Benedict Prayer

At very turning of history God raises great saints in order to strengthen the supernatural hold over souls exercised by the Church in virtue of her divine mission. The Roman Empire had crumbled down and the Barbarian has invaded whole Europe. Then appeared Benedict as chief of the monks of the West. Benedict was born in central Italy, about the year 480, when the civilized world was being overrun by pagan and heretical tribes. As a young man, he withdrew to the mountainous region of Subiaco to live there as a hermit. Soon many disciples followed him. Later, St. Benedict[…]

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St Joseph

On the Veneration of St. Joseph

Saint Joseph has two feast days on the traditional liturgical calendar. March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph is the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is the foster-father of Jesus Christ.  The second feast is the Solemnity of St. Joseph is kept on the Third Sunday after Easter. The Feast of “St. Joseph the Worker”, celebrated on the 1st of May is modern. It was given to the Church by Ven. Pope Pius XII in 1955 to coincide with the celebration of International Workers’ Day (May Day) in many countries.  ST. JOSEPH[…]

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Devotion to St. Michael the Archangel – Most Suitable for Our Times

“AND THERE WAS a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels; and they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven, and that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” — Apocalypse 12:7-9 Lucifer has placed his stamp upon the present age. Open and secret revolt against God and His Church, the spirit of criticism, unbelief and[…]

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Franciscan Crown Of The Rosary Of The Seven Joys Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Franciscan Crown Rosary of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In order to recite the FRANCISCAN CROWN properly, say one Our Father and ten Hail Marys in honor of each of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin; namely: The bead closest to the rosary center is the starting point. On finishing the seventh decade, jump to the middle 2 beads and say two Hail Marys in honor of the seventy-two years Our Lady is said to have lived on earth. Then lastly say one Our Father and one Hail Mary for the intention of the Pope to gain the indulgences. There are several customs for prayers on the cross[…]

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Monasticism in the Catholic Church

The Mission of Monasticism in the Catholic Church

Since the early years of the Christian era, Christians have been called by Christ Himself to life in the world without being of the world (John 17:13-16). There are those who think that the contemplative life is not suited to our times and particularly to our country. Hear what Pius IX said on that subject: “The want of the American Church is religious orders of prayer. America is a young country; she has passed her infancy and is now in her youth, but before she arrives at maturity one thing is necessary,—the extension of contemplative orders, without which she will[…]

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Lorica of Saint Patrick

St. Pat­rick’s Lor­i­ca (Breastplate) for Divine Protection

Every poisonous reptile fled before his powerful blessing, and the devils back to hell. “For star differeth from star in glory.” — 1 Corinthians xv. 41. Saint Patrick made this hymn; in the time of Loegaire macNeill it was made, and the cause of its composition was for the protection of himself and his monks against the deadly enemies that lay in ambush for the clerics. And it is a lorica of faith for the protection of body and soul against demons and men and vices : when any person shall recite it daily with pious meditation on God, demons[…]

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Wearing of a Blessed Chain

The Wearing of a Blessed Chain

The wearing of a small blessed chain either around the neck, on the arm, on the foot, or about the body, this devotion has certain exterior practices which must not be omitted or neglected. Strictly speaking, this practice can be omitted without affecting the essential nature of the devotion, but just the same it would be wrong to despise or condemn it, and foolhardy to neglect it. Here are the reasons for wearing this external sign: 1. It signifies that we are free from the baneful chains of original and actual sin which held us in bondage. 2. By it[…]

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Good Shepherd Sunday

Good Shepherd Sunday (Second Sunday of Easter)

Good Shepherd Sunday instructions on the 2nd Sunday after Easter by Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine. Because of the joyous Resurrection of Christ, and the graces flowing to us on account of it, the Church sings at the Introit of the Mass: INTROIT The earth is full of the mercy of the Lord, alleluia; by the word of the Lord the heavens were established, alleluia, alleluia. Rejoice in the Lord, ye just: praise becometh the upright. (Ps. XXII.) Glory be to the Father, &c. COLLECT: O God, who in the humility of Thy Son hast raised up a fallen world; grant[…]

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Rise of the Monasteries

Christian Monasticism and the Rise of the Monasteries

Christian monasticism is the devotional practice of individuals who live ascetic and typically cloistered lives that are dedicated to Christian worship. Monasticism became quite popular in the Middle Ages, with religion being the most important force in Europe. Monks and nuns were to live isolated from the world to become closer to God. Monks provided service to the church by copying manuscripts, creating art, educating people, and working as missionaries. Convents were especially appealing to women. It was the only place they would receive any sort of education or power. It also let them escape unwanted marriages. Learning Objective: Compare[…]

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Oculi Sunday - Third Sunday of Lent

Oculi Sunday – Third Sunday of Lent

Fr. Leonard Goffine on the Third Sunday in LentThis Sunday can also be called Oculi Sunday. The Introit of this day’s Mass, which begins with the word Oculi, is the prayer of a soul imploring deliverance from the snares of the devil: The great battle with the enemy of mankind is now fiercely raging: the Church beseeches her God to stretch forth his right hand in her defence. Such is the petition she makes in to-day’s Collect. INTROIT: Oculi mei semper ad Dominum, quia ipse evellet de laqueo pedes meos: respice in me, et miserere mei; quoniam unicus et pauper[…]

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Prayers to SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL For Special Protection

Prayer against the diabolical forces of pure evil attacking our Holy Mother the Church

Lucifer has placed his stamp upon the present age. Open and secret revolt against God and His Church, the spirit of blasphemy, unbelief and immorality are rampant. As a remedy against these frightful evils, we are urged to invoke the aid of that glorious prince of heaven who rendered all glory to God by conquering Lucifer and casting him into the abyss. Traditionally, in the Liturgy of the Church, there are two feasts of St. Michael in the Universal Calendar: May 8 – the Feast of the Apparition of St Michael the Archangel, and September 29 – The Feast of[…]

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Introdusvtion to Roman Martyrology

Introduction to the Roman Martyrology

THE ROMAN MARTYROLOGY is an official and accredited record, on the pages of which are set forth in simple and brief, but impressive words, the glorious deeds of the Soldiers of Christ in all ages of the Church; of the illustrious Heroes and Heroines of the Cross, whom her solemn verdict has beatified or canonized. In making up this long roll of honor, the Church has been actuated by that instinctive wisdom with which the Spirit of God, who abides in her and teaches her all truth, has endowed her, and which permeates through and guides all her actions. She[…]

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