Block Rosary Crusade Guide

Block Rosary

Block Rosary is a Marian devotion which is connected with the visit of Icons of Mary, or Statues of Mary from house to house and from one family to another, where special veneration is given to Mary and the Holy Family during the term of the sacramentals stay. We urge you to form a Block Rosary group in your area with your friends and neighbors. Gather in one of your homes at the same time each week to pray the Rosary for your neighborhood, city and your country. Pray also for your bishops and the Pope, so that they do their part[…]

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Prayer to St Paul for the Printing of Good Books

A Prayer to Saint Paul for the Printing of Good Books

O glorious Apostle of the Gentiles, Saint Paul, who with such zeal didst busy thyself in destroying at Ephesus those books which thou knewest well would have perverted the minds of the faithful: turn upon us thy gracious eyes also at this present day. Thou seest how an unbelieving and licentious press is attempting to rob our hearts of the precious treasure of faith and spotless morals. Enlighten, we beseech Thee, O holy Apostle, the minds of so many perverted writers, that they may cease once for all to do harm to souls with their evil doctrines and lying insinuations;[…]

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Prayers to SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL For Special Protection

Prayer against the diabolical forces of pure evil attacking our Holy Mother the Church

Let us pray the most powerful celestial protector, SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, for special protection against the diabolical forces of pure evil attacking our Holy Mother the Church in the weeks and months ahead.  Traditionally in the Liturgy of the Church there are two feasts of St. Michael in the Universal Calendar: May 8 – the Feast of the Apparition of St Michael the Archangel, and September 29 – The Feast of the Dedication (Honoring) of St. Michael the Archangel. This feast commemorates the dedication to Saint Michael of an ancient church at Rome at a date earlier than the[…]

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Come to Mass

Come to Mass! Come, Children, Come to Traditional Latin Mass!

“Come to Mass! Come, children, come to Mass, and bring your merry hearts with you. Come, you that are young and pray, and rejoice before the Lord. Come, you that are old and weary, and tell your loneliness to God. Come, you that are sorely tempted, and ask the help of heaven. Come, you that have sinned, and weep between the porch and the altar. Come, you that are bereaved, and pour out here your tears. Come, you that are sick, or anxious, or unhappy, and complain to god. Come, you that are prosperous and successful, and give thanks. Christ[…]

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Traditional Liturgical Calendar - Traditional Latin Mass

2021 Traditional Liturgical Calendar: Tridentine Latin Mass

Keep close to the Catholic Church at all times, for the Church alone can give you true peace, since she alone possesses Jesus, the true Prince of Peace, in the Blessed Sacrament. ~St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. The Traditional Latin Mass, “The Mass of All Ages” is making a great comeback among Catholics of all ages. Do not depart by one iota from traditional Catholic doctrine: Roman Catholicism is pure and unadulterated – as practiced from the time of Our Lord. In these turbulent times of sodomite and masonic invasion with the intent of destroying Christ’s Church from within, Catholics should[…]

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Nativity Virgin Mary

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Theotokos – September 8

The Feast of the Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady, the Mother of God (Theotokos) and Ever-Virgin Mary is celebrated on September 8 each year. The Feast commemorates the birth of the Mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord. The birth and early life of the Virgin Mary is not recorded in the Gospels or other books of the New Testament, however this information can be found in a work dating from the second century, known as the Protevangelium of St. James (dated to ca. A.D. 125),  apocryphal Gospel of the Nativity of Mary (translated from the Hebrew by St. Jerome, A.D.[…]

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Seven Joys of Mary

Feast Day of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary – August 27

The Franciscans celebrate this feast August 27 and the Conventuals on August 26. Pope St. Pius X authorized them to celebrate this feast in 1906. The original day was the Sunday after the octave of the Assumption, but in 1914 it was transferred to the octave day itself; and in 1942, when the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was assigned to that day, that of the Seven Joys was moved to August 26 or 27. The Franciscans wear the Rosary of the Seven Joys on their cord. On the Franciscan Crown The Blessed Virgin herself pointed out that[…]

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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Feast Day August 15th

The dogma of the Assumption is the answer of the Church to a materialistic world. It implicitly states that the perfection of our faculties and bodily skills will be fully exercised only in heaven, where they attain fulfillment in contemplating God. The Assumption was the moment of creation’s fulfillment, the first-fruit of God’s plan for mankind — a plan which includes our own appearance, body and soul, before the throne of God. May the Immaculate Mother of God and our co-redeemer, in the new glory of this revelation, focus the mind of the world on the true aim of progress[…]

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Prayer of Blessing Against Storms

Prayer for Protection from Hurricanes and Storms, Flood and Lightning

Prayer of Blessing Against Storms (where you see the cross, make the Sign of the Cross) Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in Peace. ✞ God became man, ✞ and the Word was made flesh. ✞ Christ was born of a virgin. ✞ Christ suffered. ✞ Christ was crucified. ✞ Christ died. ✞ Christ rose from the dead. ✞ Christ ascended into Heaven. ✞ Christ conquers. ✞ Christ reigns. ✞ Christ orders. ✞ May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning. ✞ Christ went through their midst in Peace, ✞ and the Word was made Flesh. ✞[…]

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Divine Hands of Our Lord

Litanies in Honor of the Divine Hands of Our Lord

The “Litanies In Honor of the Divine Hands of Our Lord” were approved by His Holiness, Our Holy Father the Pope, Leo XIII, and “Nihil obstat and Imprimatur” were given for private devotion. “My Son, exhort the teachers of the faith to institute a feast and an office in honour of My Divine Hands, and tell the people to put their trust in these same Divine Hands, often invoking them with these words : “Divine Hands of Our Saviour, help us! Forgive us, my God! Forgive us.” — Jesus Christ to a very humble priest, in private revelations, 1864. Suitable[…]

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Blessing of Candles - Beeswax Altar Candles

Blessing of Candles According to Traditional Roman Rite

Every Catholic household should be provided with one or more blessed candles. These candles should be of pure bees’ wax. Other kinds, such as paraffin wax and electric candles will not answer the purpose of candles prescribed by the Church. Ask your local priest about blessing any candles you may have purchased from Virgo Sacrata, according to Traditional Roman Rite. The best time to bless your candles would be the 2nd of February when the Church celebrates the festival of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This day has been chosen by the Church for a very important ceremony,[…]

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St Philomena Picture

Prayers to Saint Philomena. Liturgical feast day in honor of Saint Philomena – August 11th

To thee, O Great St. Philomena, we turn in our afflictions, for thou art truly worthy of the title, “Powerful with God”, who stimulates the faith and courage of the faithful, Pray for us! St. Philomena, whose name is glorified in Heaven and feared in Hell, Pray for us! St. Philomena, honoured, invoked, and recommended by Popes Gregory XVI, Ven. Pius IX, Leo XIII, and St. Pius X, Pray for us! St. Philomena, so powerful with God that thou hast excited the fury of Satan, not only at the time of thy glorious martyrdom, but even today, so that Satan’s[…]

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