A Day in the Cloister by the Daughters of Mary

Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Litany of Loretto)

Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

After praying the Rosary, we chant the Litany of Loretto – a prayer which asks for the intercession of Our Lady under many of her beautiful titles.  Like the Rosary, it is primarily an act of praise and devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

A Day in the Cloister” CD is available from the Virgo Sacrata. Audio courtesy of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary.

  [P] Lord, Have mercy on us.        [P]  Kyrie eleison.
  [All]  Christ, have mercy on us.   [All]  Christe eleison.
  [P] Lord, Have mercy on us.        [P]   Kyrie eleison.
Christ, hear us,                   Christe, audi nos.
  [All] Christ, graciously hear us.  [All]  Christe, exaudi nos.
  [P] God, the Father of heaven,     [P]  Pater de caelis, Deus,
  [All]  Have mercy on us            [All]  miserere nobis.
  [P] God the Son, redeemer of       [P]  Fili Redemptor mundi,
the world.                         Deus,
  [All]  Have mercy on us            [All]  miserere nobis.
  [P] God the Holy Ghost.            [P]  Spiritus Sancte, Deus,
  [All]  Have mercy on us            [All]  miserere nobis.
  [P] Holy Trinity, one God.         [P]  Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus,
  [All]  Have mercy on us            [All]  miserere nobis.
All of  the following petitions,     All of  the following  petitions,
until those  which begin "* Lamb     until those  which begin "* Agnus
of God...."  are answered by the     Dei...."   are  answered  by  the
congregation: "pray for us."         congregation: "ora pro nobis."
  [P]  Holy Mary,                    [P]  Sancta Maria,
  [P]  Holy Mother of God,           [P]  Sancta Dei Genitrix,
  [P]  Holy Virgin of virgins,       [P]  Sancta Virgo Virginum,
  [P]  Mother of Christ,             [P]  Mater Christi,
  [P]  Mother of Divine Grace,       [P]  Mater divinae grati
  [P]  Mother Most Pure,             [P]  Mater purissima,
  [P]  Mother Most Chaste,           [P]  Mater castissima,
  [P]  Mother inviolate,             [P]  Mater inviolata,
  [P]  Mother undefiled.             [P]  Mater intemerata,
  [P]  Mother Most Amiable,          [P]  Mater amabilis,
  [P]  Mother Most Admirable,        [P]  Mater admirabilis,
  [P]  Mother of Good Cousel,        [P]  Mater boni consilii,
  [P]  Mother of our Creator         [P]  Mater Creatoris,
  [P]  Mother of Our Savior,         [P]  Mater Salvatoris,
  [P]  Virgin Most Prudent,          [P]  Virgo prudentissima,
  [P]  Virgin Most Venerable,        [P]  Virgo veneranda,
  [P]  Virgin Most Renowned,         [P]  Virgo praedicanda,
  [P]  Virgin Most Powerful,         [P]  Virgo potens,
  [P]  Virgin Most Merciful,         [P]  Virgo clemens
  [P]  Virgin Most Faithful,         [P]  Virgo fidelis,
  [P]  Mirror of Justice,            [P]  Speculum justitiae,
  [P]  Seat of Wisdom,               [P]  Sedes sapientiae,
  [P]  Cause of our Joy,             [P]  Causa nostra laetitiae,
  [P]  Spiritual Vessel,             [P]  Vas spirituale
  [P]  Vessel of Honor,              [P]  Vas honorabile,
  [P]  Singular Vessel of Devotion,  [P]  Vas insigne devotionis,
  [P]  Mystical Rose,                [P]  Rosa mystica,
  [P]  Tower of David,               [P]  Turris Davidica,
  [P]  Tower of Ivory,               [P]  Turris eburnea,
  [P]  House of Gold,                [P]  Domus aurea,
  [P]  Ark of the Covenant,          [P]  F|deris arca,
  [P]  Gate of Heaven,               [P]  Janua caeli,
  [P]  Morning Star,                 [P]  Stella matutina
  [P]  Health of the Sick,           [P]  Salus infirmorum,
  [P]  Refuge of Sinners,            [P]  Refugium peccatorum,
  [P]  Comforter of the Afflicted,   [P]  Consolatrix afflictorum,
  [P]  Help of Christians,           [P]  Auxilium Christianorum,
  [P]  Queen of Angels,              [P]  Regina Angelorum,
  [P]  Queen of Patriarchs,          [P]  Regina Patriarcharum,
  [P]  Queen of Prophets,            [P]  Regina Prophetarum,
  [P]  Queen of Apostles,            [P]  Regina Apostolorum,
  [P]  Queen of Martyrs,             [P]  Regina Martyrum,
  [P]  Queen of Confessors,          [P]  Regina Confessorum,
  [P]  Queen of Virgins              [P]  Regina Virginum,
  [P]  Queen of All Saints,          [P]  Regina Sanctorum omnium,
  [P]  Queen Conceived without       [P]  Regina sine labe
original Sin,                      originali concepta,
  [P]  Queen Assumed into Heaven,    [P]  Regina in clum assumpta,
  [P]  Queen of the Most Holy        [P]  Regina sacratissimi Rosarii,
  [P]  Queen of Peace,               [P]  Regina pacis,
  [P]  Our Lady of Good Hope,        [P]  Domina nostra bon spei,
* [P] Lamb of God, Who takest      * [P]  Agnus Dei, qui tollis
away the sins of the world,        peccata mundi,
  [All]  Spare us, O Lord.           [All]  parce nobis, Domine
* [P] Lamb of God, Who takest      * [P]  Agnus Dei, qui tollis
away the sins of the world,        peccata mundi,
  [All]   Graciously hear  us, O     [All]  exaudi nos Domine.Lord.
* [P] Lamb of God, Who takest      * [P]  Agnus Dei, qui tollis
away the sins of the world,        peccata mundi,
  [All]  Have mercy on us.           [All]  miserere nobis.
  [P]  Pray for us, O Holy           [P]  Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei
Mother of God,                     Genitrix.
  [All]  That we may be made         [All]  Ut digni efficiamur
worthy of the Promises of          promissionibus Christi.

  [P] Let  us  pray:  Grant,  we      [P]    Oremus.    Concede  nos
beseech Thee,  O Lord God, to us     famulos tuos,  quaesumus,  Domine
Thy  servants,   that   we   may     Deus, perpetua mentis et corporis
evermore enjoy  health  of  mind     sanitate  gaudere:  et,  gloriosa
and body,  and by  the  glorious     beatae  Mariae  semper   Virginis
intercession  of   blessed  Mary     intercessione,     a    praesenti
ever Virgin  be  delivered  from     liberari  tristitia,   et aeterna
present   sorrow    and   obtain     perfrui laetitia.    Per Christum
everlasting happiness.   Through     Dominum nostrum.
Christ our Lord.
  [All]  Amen.                        [All]  Amen.