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My Prayer Book (Fr. Lasance)

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Originally published in 1908 by the Benziger Brothers, this book provides counsels and reflections on the pursuit of happiness, prayers and devotions for Holy Mass (the Tridentine liturgy), and throughout the day, and incentives for being generous and unselfish in the imitation of Christ.
By Fr. Lasance. 720 pages, Hardcover.

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My Prayer Book: Happiness In Goodness, Reflections, Prayers & Devotions

MY PRAYER-BOOK is more than a book of prayers and devotions; the subtitle, Happiness in Goodness, indicates that it is also a book of counsels and reflections on the pursuit of happiness, not only with a view to the eternal life, but also with regard to our present existence “in hac lacrimarum valle.” “All desire peace,” says “The Following of Christ,” “but all care not for those things which appertain to true peace.”

We may say the same thing with regard to happiness. All desire it, but many do not attain to it because they seek it where it can not be found. The one thing necessary to true and lasting happiness is the state of sanctifying grace – the love of God -union with God, in whom alone man’s heart can find rest. “Rejoice in the Lord, always!” Seek happiness in goodness, in virtue; in loving God above all things and in loving all things in God; in loving your neighbor; in doing good to others for the love of Jesus Christ – that is the key-note – the dominant note of this book.

His Holiness (Pope Pius XI) wishes that these volumes, which assuredly will promote the spiritual life, may receive an ever-increasing welcome in all the Christian families of your great country. (From letter to Faher Lasance written at the Pope’s direction, May 10, 1927.)

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