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The Tridentine Latin Mass DVD

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A great alternative for those who are unable to assist at Mass because of sickness, old age or distance. Watching this video makes one feel that one is actually present at Mass, actively participating, and not just idly observing. It contains catechetical features that are beneficial for converts, and all who would like to learn more about the Holy Sacrifice.

  • The Roman Catholic Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
  • Bonus Material Included
  • English and Latin Subtitles
  • Mass Booklet for following the ceremonies
  • An explanation of the ceremonies, vestments, liturgical seasons and more.

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The Tridentine Latin Mass DVD filmed at our church in Wayne, Michigan using three Sony HD cameras and digital sound, makes you feel like you are in church. It is a great way to show others the beauty and majesty of the Latin Mass. The enclosed English / Latin missal makes it easy to follow the ceremonies. The DVD also offers English or Latin subtitles so you can follow the ceremonies even better.

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