1958 The New Marian Daily Missal (Latin & English)

US$ 62.00

The New Marian Missal is a reprint of the 1958 edition – a beautiful and classic book for following the traditional liturgy of the Catholic Church. Flexible leatherette cover with genuine gold lettering on the spine and cover. Moveable feasts through AD 2045. A beautiful missal for its completeness, compact size, readability and price. 1448 pages, 6.75 x 4.125 x 1.25″.


This New Marian Daily Missal is the new edition of our popular missal for Sundays and Daily Mass. This is a complete Daily Missal for the Traditional Latin Mass. It includes the Requiem and Nuptial Masses and feast-days Masses of the Calendar of Saints. Published in 1958 there are minuscule differences between this missal and the 1962 Version. The Canon has red print instructions for the rubrics. Both the Canon and all of the daily proper prayers are in English on one side and Latin on the other.

Ideal as a gift or a special treat for yourself, this missal fits the bill at the right price. Live the liturgical year to the fullest with the New Marian Missal for the traditional Latin Mass.

  • For daily Mass
  • Durable flexible leatherette cover
  • Rounded corners
  • Red page edges
  • Genuine gold lettering on the spine and cover
  • Canon printed in black with red rubrics
  • Moveable feasts through AD 2045
  • Exquisite black and white illustrations
  • 2 missal ribbons (red and gold satin)
  • 1448 pages
  • Very compact: 6.75 x 4.125 x 1.25

The New Marian Missal for Daily Mass, by Sylvester P. Juergens,S.M., Doctor of Sacred Theology. With Imprimatur: L.Suenens, vic. gen., die 5 Novembris 1958. Preface by Rev. Ralph Gorman, C.P., Editor of The Sign, Feast of Corpus Christi, 1950.

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