Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Office of the Dead

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The best prayer is the prayer of the Church. Pray the inspired psalms of the Holy Ghost. The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary was originated as a monastic devotion around the middle of the eighth century.  Prayers in English and Latin.



The text of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Office of the Dead is that of the 1915 Benziger Brothers edition with updated punctuation and slight rewording of some familiar passages in English. The content of the Offices was revised in conformity with the norms of the typical edition of the Roman Breviary published in 1961.

The best prayer is the prayer of the Church. Here it is–simpler than the Breviary, but essentially the same. Pray the inspired psalms of the Holy Ghost. Around since the 8th century. Hated by heretics, loved by friends of Our Lady. Recited by Saints John Damascene, Catherine of Siena, Vincent Ferrer, Louis of France, Bridget of Sweden, and many more.

Completely re-typeset with the Latin and English text on facing pages. Printed in red and black text. Gold foil stamped, black, flexible softcover with rounded corners.

The Little Office of Our Lady also known as Hours of the Virgin is a liturgical devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, in imitation of, and usually in addition to, the Divine Office in the Roman Catholic Church. It is a cycle of psalms, hymns, scripture and other readings.

All of the daily variation occurs in Matins. The text of the other offices remains the same from day to day in the Roman rite and most other rites. In the Roman rite, there are seasonal variations in Advent and Christmastide. The Gospel antiphons also change in Eastertide, although there are no other changes during that season. The Little Office was a core text of the medieval book of hours.

Before opening your book pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you, to enlighten your understanding and to enkindle your heart with the WORD of God.

St. Pius V., in his Bull Quod a nobis, July 9, 1568, granted –
i. An indulgence of 100 days to all the faithful, as often as they shall devoutly say of obligation the Office of the Dead on the days prescribed by the rubrics of the Roman Breviary.
ii. Forty days indulgence, to all the faithful, every time they say it out of their own devotion. See another Bull, Superni omnipotentis Dei, April 8, 1571.

Prayer Before the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Open my mouth, O Lord, to bless Your Holy Name: cleanse my heart from all vain, evil and distracting thoughts; enlighten my understanding, inflame my will, that I may worthily recite this Office with intention and devotion, and deserve to be heard in the presence of Your divine Majesty. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

O Lord, in union with that divine intention with which You praised God on Earth, I offer to You these Hours.


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