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Archangel Michael’s Intercession for the Dying and the Faithful Departed

Archangel Michael's Intercession For the Dying and the Faithful Departed
Archangel Michael's Intercession For the Dying and the Faithful Departed
Archangel Michael reaching to save souls in purgatory, by Jacopo Vignali, 17th century.

Not only during life does the glorious Archangel Michael defend and protect souls, but he is their special advocate and consoler at the hour of death. When the last hour of our earthly career draws near and we are confronted by that awful moment when our soul must leave the body, which it has loved so much, satanic hosts, like ravenous lions, will make a last attack upon us. But we need not fear if during life we have been faithful in venerating St. Michael and imploring his aid for the hour of death. In that hour of supreme need, this invincible Archangel, ever ready to assist the faithful soul, will come to our aid with his hosts and do battle on our behalf. He will cover us with his strong shield and lead us safely through the midst of our enemies.

Offertory Prayer from the Requiem Mass of the Traditional Latin Rite

Domine Jesu Christe, Rex gloriæ, libera animas omnium fidelium defunctorum de pœnis inferni et de profundo lacu: libera eas de ore leonis, ne absorbeat eas tartarus, ne cadant in obscurum: sed signifer sanctus Michael repræsentet eas in lucem sanctam: quam olim Abrahæ promisisti et semini ejus. Hostias et preces tibi, Domine, laudis offerimus: tu suscipe pro animabus illis, quarum hodie memoriam facimus: fac eas, Domine, de morte transire ad vitam. Quam olim Abrahæ promisisti et semini ejus. O Lord Jesus Christ, King of Glory, deliver the souls of all the faithful departed from the pains of hell and from the bottomless pit: deliver them from the lion’s mouth, that hell swallow them not up, that they fall not into darkness, but let the standard-bearer holy Michael lead them into that holy light; which Thou dist promise of old to Abraham and to his seed. We offer to Thee, O Lord, sacrifices and prayers: do Thou receive them in behalf of those souls of whom we make memorial this day. Grant them, O Lord, to pass from death to that life, which Thou didst promise of old to Abraham and to his seed.

And when at length our souls have been freed from their earthly bonds, he will conduct us to the judgment seat of Christ, where he will undertake our defense and implore the forgiveness of our sins. Finally, if we have merited to be numbered among the elect, he will take us beneath his glorious banner and conduct us to the blessed home of light, where all the Angels and elect children of God glory in the eternal praise of their Creator. It is therefore a commendable practice daily to invoke St. Michael to lend his assistance at the critical hour of death. Many are the faithful clients of St. Michael who have experienced his help in that hour….

In her beautiful prayers in the Mass for the Dead [the Requiem Mass], the Church with maternal solicitude places the souls of her departed children in the hands of St. Michael, that he may lead them into the kingdom of everlasting light. If St. Michael is so solicitous for the welfare of souls during their lifetime and at the hour of death, we may be certain that he will also befriend them during their stay in Purgatory and will hasten to bring them consolation….

The Prince of the heavenly militia,” says St. Anselm, “is all-powerful in Purgatory, and he can assist the Poor Souls whom the justice and sanctity of the Almighty retain in this place of punishment.”

‘It is incontestably recognized since the foudnation of Christianity,” declares St. Robert Bellarmine, “that the souls of the Faithful departed are delivered from Purgatory through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel.”

Let us add to these authorities the words of St. Alphonsus Liguori: “St. Michael has received the care of consoling and helping the souls in Purgatory.”

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               Missale Romanum

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