Revelations of Saint Bridget: On the Life and Passion of Our Lord and the Life of His Blessed Mother

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Excerpts from her revelations. Actual words of Our Lord and Blessed Mother to St. Bridget of Sweden, giving intimate details of their lives on earth, including the hidden life of Our Lord and Our Lady in Nazareth, plus the early life of Our Lady and the birth of Our Lord. Includes the famous 15 Prayers of St. Bridget. Imprimatur. Paperback, 82 pages. 4″ x 6″.


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Revelations of Saint Bridget: On the Life and Passion of Our Lord and the Life of His Blessed Mother. This little book of excerpts from the Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden is one of the spiritual classics of the Church. Herein are related most intimate details in the life of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, including the early life of Our Lady, the birth and hidden life of Jesus at Nazareth, the most sorrowful Passion of Our Lord, and Our Lady’s assumption into Heaven.

Particularly poignant are the descriptions of the bitter Passion of Our Lord and of the Blessed Mother’s unspeakable grief as she accompanied Him on His journey to Calvary and witnessed His cruel tortures. These moving accounts will give the reader an intense realization of the sword and sorrow, prophesied by Simeon, which pierced Our Lady’s heart, and of her intimate cooperation with Our Lord in the work of our redemption. The Blessed Mother says that she and Our Lord had, as it were, one heart.

The Revelations of St. Bridget offers much food for the mind and heart. Anyone who reads and meditates on the treasures contained in this little book will gain a deeper love for Jesus and Mary and a renewed desire to avoid sin, the cause of their great and terrible sufferings for our salvation.

St. Bridget of Sweden was a mystic and author born in 1303 at Uppland. One of the six patron saints of Europe, she married at the early age of thirteen and bore eight children, one of whom was later canonized as St. Catherine of Sweden. She was a distinctly noble and charitable woman, earning her a wide level of popularity, and also maintained good religious influence over her husband, Ulf Gudmarsson. Bridget later founded the Order of the Holy Savior, and also experienced visions of Mary and the Christ Child. She died on the twenty-third of July, 1373, after having written various prayers and popularizing the well-known Fifteen Prayers of the Lord’s wounds. St. Bridget was canonized by Pope Boniface IX in 1391.

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