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Prayer to Saints Peter and Paul, June 29

Prayer to Saints Peter and Paul

O most glorious Apostles Peter and Paul,
who gave over your souls for Christ,
and watered His pasture with your blood:
Hearken unto the prayers and sighing of your children,
that are now brought to you with a contrite heart.
For behold, we are darkened by our iniquities,
and for this cause we are enveloped by troubles as by a cloud;
but we are destitute of the oil of good living,
and cannot offer resistance to the predatory wolves
that so boldly seek to tear apart the inheritance of God.
O ye strong ones!
Bear our weaknesses, depart not from us in spirit,
lest we be cut off at last from the love of God;
but defend us by your powerful intercession,
so that the Lord may have mercy on us all by your prayers,
and may destroy the handwritten account
of our immeasurable sins,
and grant us to partake with all the Saints
of the blessed Kingdom and the marriage feast of His Lamb:
to Whom be honor and glory, thanksgiving and worship,
unto ages of ages. Amen.

Confiteor Deo

Confiteor Deo
et beatae Mariae semper virgini,
et beato Michaeli archangelo
et beato Iohanni baptistae
et sanctis apostolis Petro et Paulo
et beato Leutherio et Cassiano
et beato Iuvenale
cum omnibus sanctis et tibi patri
mea culpa III vic.,
peccavi per superbiam
in multa mea mala iniqua
et pessima cogitatione,
locutione, pollutione, sugestione,
delectatione, consensu, verbo et opere,
in periurio, in adulterio, in sacrilegio,
omicidio, furtu, falso testimonio,
peccavi visu, auditu, gustu, odoratu et tactu,
et moribus, vitiis meis malis.
Precor beatam Mariam semper virginem
et omnibus sanctis
et isti sancti et te pater,
orare et intercedere pro me peccatore Dominumnostrum Iesum Christum.
I confess to God
and to blessed Mary ever Virgin,
to blessed Michael the Archangel
and blessed John the Baptist
and to the holy apostles Peter and Paul
and to blessed Leutherius and Cassian
and blessed Juvenal
along with all the saints and you Father:
through my fault (thrice)
I have sinned by pride
in my abundant evil iniquitous
and heinous thought,
speech, pollution, suggestion, delectation,
consent, word and deed,
in perjury, adultery, sacrilege,
murder, theft, false witness,
I have sinned by sight, hearing, taste,
smell and touch,
and in my behaviour, my evil vices.
I beg blessed Mary ever-Virgin and all the saints and these saints[*] and you, Father,
to pray and intercede for me a sinner
to our Lord Jesus Christ.

* The saints before whose relics confession is made. Confiteor is taken from the Catholic Encyclopedia found in the Paenitentiale Vallicellanum II, which has been attributed to the 9th century.

Blessed Apostle Peter,

to whom God has given the keys of the kingdom of Heaven,
and the power to bind and loose,
grant that we may be delivered through the help
of your intercession from the bonds of our sins.

O, Holy Shepherd,
Prince of the Apostles,
pray for us that we may be made worthy
of the promises of Christ.

The Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter & Paul, June 29
Double (Tridentine Calendar)

Simon, a fisherman of Bethsaida, became a disciple of St. John the Baptist. Then his elder brother, Andrew, led him to Jesus, who gave him the name of Peter (Rock), making him the head of the Christian Church. After Pentecost, the precedence of Peter in the Church was never disputed. He ruled with the authority given him by the Holy Spirit, but his rule was one of love. He evangelized various provinces of Asia Minor, and in A.D. 42 he fixed his see in Rome. From then until now each successor of St. Peter has been in turn, the Bishop of Rome. During the persecution of the Church by Nero, the Vicar of Christ was crucified, hanging head downward on his cross. His martyrdom took place on June 29, in the year 67, on the same day as that of St. Paul.

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