Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue 16″

US$ 295.00

Immaculate Heart of Mary statue made of  fiberglass resin. Ships within the U.S only. Please allow about 16 weeks for production and delivery.
Dimension:  6.0″W 4.0″D 16.0″H
Base: 4 X 3 X 16
Finish Shown: Realistic


The Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue is the perfect size for any home, office or small chapel. Traditionally, the heart is depicted pierced with seven wounds or swords, in homage to the seven dolors of Mary. Also, roses or another type of flower may be wrapped around the heart.

It was the devotion to the Sacred Heart which in previous decades guided a cold and erring world back toward the love of Christ and the acknowledgment of the Kingdom that is rightfully His. It would seem that again the grace of God is poured forth abundantly on a war-torn and pagan world, and men, through a devotion to the Mother of God, the “Hope of the World,” are once more an opportunity for eternal salvation in the love and service of Mary and her divine Son.

In the devotion to the Immaculate Heart which prompts men to imitate the virtues of the Blessed Mother we see a true blending of love and sacrifice, the very core and spirit of the Christian life. Through a devotion to her Immaculate Heart Mary will certainly form in us the likeness and virtues of her Son, and seeing more perfectly His image in us, she will love Him anew in us; and we, resembling our blessed Lord the more, will profit greatly from this closer union with Him.

Our nearness to Mary is a measure of our union with Christ and an indication of the supernatural value of our lives. In uniting ourselves to Mary we necessarily draw near to our
blessed Lord.

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