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The Feast of the Miraculous Medal – November 27

Feast of the Miraculous Medal
The Feast of the Miraculous Medal

Devotion to and wearing of the Miraculous Medal is second to the Rosary in popularity among Traditional Catholic devotions.

The Miraculous Medal is a physical manifestation of the gift of grace that perpetually exudes from Our Lady and it, too, is a Sacramental, a most miraculous one. It was originally called the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, but because so many miracles were reported by those wearing it that it became known as the Miraculous Medal. Often the Medal is presented to Catholics who are making their first holy Communion, receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and given at Baptisms. The Blessed Virgin Mary declared that those who wear it around their necks will be given wondrous graces, among them, not sinking into a life of iniquity or becoming more pure.


In 1830, the Blessed Virgin Mary revealed the design of the Miraculous Medal to St. Catherine Labouré in an apparition.

In Paris, on June 6, 1830, the Lord appeared to the young (age 24) Daughter of Charity novice Catherine at Mass, and again on the nights of July 18-19 when she was summoned to the chapel by a beautiful “child clothed in white” to converse with the Virgin Mary. Catherine was told prophecies and charged with “a mission” that manifested itself on November 27 in an early morning (5:30am) appearance of the Blessed Virgin who was “clothed in white” standing on a globe and “a serpent.” Rays of light issued forth from rings on her fingers and Catherine was told to commission a medal of what she was seeing. Then, turning the letter “M surmounted by a bar and a cross” underneath which were the hearts of Jesus and Mary all surrounded by the words “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Catherine heard the voice tell her, “Have a medal struck after this model. All who wear this medal will receive great favors. They should wear it around the neck . Favors will abound if worn with devotion.” Catherine’s mission was to ensure that the medal was made and to spread Mary’s message of love and compassion. The Feast of the Miraculous Medal is yearly celebrated on November 27.

Miraculous Medal
Miraculous Medal

Many healings, conversions and other miracles have been documented by those who have faithfully worn the ‘Medal of the Immaculate Conception‘ as the Miraculous Medal was originally called.

There are numerous Miraculous Medal Associations throughout the world. They are united under the care of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians or Lazarists), the religious order founded by St. Vincent de Paul. Membership contributions go to spread devotion to the Virgin Mary and to support the work of the Vincentians. Each Association maintains a shrine and usually has some type of publication for members.

Obligations and Practices

Wearing the Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous  Medal  is  an approved sacramental and allows the the wearer to take advantage of Mary’s promise: “Those who wear it will receive great graces;  abundant graces will be given to those who have confidence.”

Enrollment in an Association

Anyone, living or deceased, Catholic or not, may be enrolled as a member and obtain these graces and the spiritual benefit of Masses offered for members (for example, the Central Association in the U.S. offers 2,500 Masses a year).

Miraculous Medal Investiture

Invested membership involves these obligations:

1.  Formally enroll in an approved Association and renew the membership yearly
2.  Wear the Medal (around the neck is highly recommended)
3.  Have the intention to sanctify oneself and others by means of the Medal
4. Investiture which may be done publicly or privately

A proper blessing prayer and investiture with Miraculous Medal is available in the Parish Ritual Book.


1.  Receive the graces promised by the Blessed Virgin Mary
2. Receive the spiritual benefits of numerous Masses offered for members by the Vincentians
3. Promoters who sign up others receive spiritual benefit from additional Masses
4. Invested members receive an indulgences on the following days:
~ Day of joining the Association
~ May 31 (Feast of the Queenship of Mary)
~ September 27 (Feast of St. Vincent de Paul)
~ November 27 (Feast of the Miraculous Medal)
~ November 28 (Feast of St. Catherine Laboure)
~ Anniversary date of the founding of the Association in which one is enrolled
* The indulgence is plenary under the normal conditions: confession, communion, prayer for the Pope’s intentions and freedom from attachment to all sin