Feast Days in December

Religious items on this page are listed in connection with the Catholic feast days celebrated in December: Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Christmas Day, Nativity Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Birthstone jewelry for the month of December is also included in our online shopping catalog, simply as unique gift ideas for your loved ones. December is the birthstone color for Zircon. The natural color of zircon varies between colorless, yellow-golden, red, brown, blue, and green.

Saints Feasts Days include: Feast of the Holy Innocents, Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, St. Bibiana, St. Francis Xavier, St. Peter Chrysologus, St. Barbara, St. Sabas, St. Nicholas, St. Ambrose, St. Melchiades, St. Damasus I, St. Lucy, St. Eusebius of Vercelli, St. Thomas, St. Stephen,  St. John the Apostle, St. Thomas of Canterbury, St. Sylvester I.