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Prayer to Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence

Mother of Divine Providence
Mother of Divine Providence
Mother of Divine Providence

O IMMACULATE Virgin Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, take possession of my soul with all the fullness of thy favour and protection. Govern thou my life, and direct it along the way of virtue to the fulfillment of the divine will. Do thou obtain for me the pardon of my sins; be my refuge, my protection, my defence, my guide in the pilgrimage of this life; console me in afflictions, sustain me in dangers, and in the storms of adversity afford me the security of thy guardianship.

Obtain for me, O Mary, the renewal of my heart within me, so that it may become the holy dwelling place of thy divine Son JESUS; remove far from me, weak and miserable as I am, every kind of sin, negligence, sloth, timidity and human respect; entirely expel from me pride, vain glory, self-love, and all other earthly affections which hinder the efficacy of thy patronage.

O sweetest Mother of Providence, turn thy maternal regard upon me, and if through frailty or malice I have provoked the menaces of the eternal Judge and embittered the most Sacred Heart of my loving JESUS, do thou throw over me the mantle of thy protection, and I shall be safe.

Thou art the watchful Mother, the Virgin of forgiveness, and my hope on earth; oh, grant that I may have thee for the Mother of Glory in Heaven.  

Ave Maria thrice.

Indulgence of 200 days, once a day.
-Leo XIII, Feb. 27, 1886.

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