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Holy Rosary – The Threefold Antidote

Holy Rosary CD
Holy Rosary CD
Holy Rosary CD With Music and Devotions in Honor of Our Lady

The spirit of the world is threefold, and exercises power over the mind, heart and body. It is like a triple-headed serpent which throttles numbers of Christians and ruins them. What weapon is capable of killing this gigantic serpent? Lo, it is the Rosary, which is also threefold in form. With invincible power it drives this hideous spirit-serpent from the heart.

The grace-abounding, joyful Rosary is directed against the pride of life, haughtiness and revolt against the commandments of God. It shows us the Son of God in His unspeakable humility and abasement; it shows us the true God become incarnate, the Omnipotent as a weak, helpless Child; the Most High emptying Himself to an amazing degree of lowliness. A person who understands how to pray the joyful Rosary properly can hear from each mystery this exhortation of the Son of God: “Learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of Heart” (Matt. 11:29).

Against the concupiscence of the flesh, against the sinful desires which degrade man from the sublime state of resemblance to God, and place him on a level with the beast, the sorrowful Rosary is directed. For it shows us the unutterable sufferings endured by our Savior in His agony, in His scourging, in His crowning with thorns, on the way to Calvary, and on the Cross. How dreadful was the martyrdom of Jesus in His most sacred Body, in His immaculate Flesh, for the sensual sins of mankind! Realizing these sufferings how can anyone still commit sins of the flesh, and thus pollute his soul, purchased with the Precious Blood of Christ?

Against the concupiscence of the eyes, the insatiable craving for possessions and wealth, the glorious Rosary is directed. It shows us our Savior in His victory over death, in His triumphal entry into heaven, in the richness of His heavenly possessions, which He dispenses through the Holy Ghost. The glorious Rosary shows us the eternal, infinitely sublime possessions that await us in our beautiful heavenly home. If we walk the Way of the Cross with Jesus and Mary, we shall also be crowned by Jesus in union with Mary.

Whoever contemplates the beauties of heaven will be filled with contempt for the passing goods of earth and with longing for the priceless treasures of eternity. In taking certain food we find that at first we do not relish it, then we begin to like it, and finally discover in it a delicious savor. What is the reason? The palate at first was unaccustomed to it. Similarly, many Christians do not at first relish the Rosary; but if they will continue to pray it, they will like it; it will become their delight, and after they have once deeply penetrated its meaning, they will never relinquish it. The Rosary is one of the most popular of devotions because it is one of the most beautiful and most profitable.

“The Rosary, My Treasure” by Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration
Clyde, Missouri

Nihil Obstat: ✞ Stephanus Schappler, O.S.B.
Abbas Coadjutor Im. Conceptionis
Imprimatur: ✞ Carolus Hubertus Le Blond
Episcopus Sancti Josephi
November, 1950

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