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Devotion to the Holy Ghost

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit

The world knows not the Holy Ghost. Many pious souls have no devotion towards Him. He is, as it were, forgotten almost by all, and He is, nevertheless, the Soul of the Church.

Leo XIII, in his Encyclical upon the Holy Ghost, strongly urges all the faithful to love this Divine Spirit. He exhorts all Bishops and priests to preach this sanctifying devotion with a new and burning zeal.

Jesus, before His Ascension into Heaven, commends this devotion to His Apostles, promising them the coming of the Holy Ghost, Who “will teach you all things” (St. John xiv. 26).

The Holy Ghost is perpetually at work in the Church, which undertakes nothing of importance without invoking His aid in the solemn hymn, Veni Creator. The Holy Ghost guides the Church and each individual soul. We see what power He has when we consider what the Apostles were before and after His coming in the Supper-room.

How many souls desirous of perfection are, as it were, at a standstill, because they do not invoke the Holy Ghost, relegating Him to oblivion in the whole course of their spiritual life. Desiring to be holy, yet scarcely ever thinking of the Sanctifier!

Our priests, hear and give heed to the voice of Leo XIII, and by every means: in the pulpit, in the confessional, in conversation, by means of the press, etc., preach this most precious devotion. Let the faithful hearken to the priests, who, obedient to the voice of the Sovereign Pontiff, have become Apostles of such a sublime devotion.

They will soon experience a great change in their souls. Soon new horizons will open to their view, and they will marvel at their rapid progress, if they set themselves to invoke with frequence the Divine Dove, the Source of all light, of all consolation and of all strength.

The Holy Ghost will multiply His holy inspirations in their souls. He will fill them with His gifts, and He Himself will abide in them, to be their Guide. Happy the souls devoted to the Holy Ghost! They are already beginning their heaven here upon earth, meriting choice graces, and receiving special strength to enable them to correspond with His divine inspirations.

How to Practice the Apostleship of The Holy Ghost

1. Upon a fixed day, to make the Act of Consecration of oneself to the Holy Ghost, and the Solemn Promise, but without obligation under pain of sin, to spread devotion towards Him every day.

2. To invoke the Holy Ghost frequently during the day, and especially at the beginning of the principal actions.

Solemn Promise to Spread Devotion to the Holy Ghost Every Day

I promise solemnly today to spread devotion to the Holy Ghost every day of my life, by means of prayer, action or sacrifice.

I shall consider that I have complied with Solemn Promise of love if I have recited during the day one Hail Mary with the intention of begging that the devotion may be spread. If I am unwell and unable to pray, I shall have complied with my Promise by offering, at least once during the day, for the same intention, my sufferings, physical and moral.

May the Holy Ghost help me, and sanctify me and all those whom I love and the whole world. Amen.

Date and Signature.

From the Manual of Prayers to the Holy Ghost
by Father Felix of Jesus

Nihil Obstat:
Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.,
Censor Librorum.

✞ Francis J. Spellman, D.D.,
Archbishop of New York.

New York, July 2, 1941.

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