St-Benedict Items


St-Benedict, Abbot, Founder of Western Monasticism. Celebration of Feast Day is March 21. One of the earliest biographies of his life was written by Pope St. Gregory the Great, and it includes many stories of incredible miracles performed by the monk:

  • – Broke a glass full of poison with the Sign of the Cross
  • – Saved a man from drowning by briefly becoming another person
  • – Reading the minds of his monks
  • – Brought a child back to life
  • – Moved a huge stone with his prayer
  • – Exorcised a stubborn demon
  • – Unfazed by the Devil’s trickery

Find out more about sacramentals on the Rosay Bay, and how they can help you in your spiritual warfare. One of the greatest protectors against the assaults of the devil is the St. Benedict’s Medal, or Saint Benedict Cross. In order for it to have this power over the devil, it needs to be exorcised and blessed. Find how to use of Saint-Benedict Medal and its meaning.