Tabletop Crucifix 8″

US$ 47.00

Cherry stain wood standing crucifix 8″ inch. Gift box included.


Tabletop Crucifix is a standing cross with silver corpus suitable for any prayer desk for Christian home altar.

“The Cross shall preserve you from all sin; before it shall fly the powers of darkness; the soul, sanctified by this sign, cannot waver.”

Fac cum vocante somno
Castum petis cubile,
Frontem locumque cordis
Crucis figura signet:
Crux pellet omne crimen,
Fugiunt crucem tenebræ.
Tali dicata signo
Mens fluctuare nescit.
Apud S. Greg.Turon., lib. I. Miraculi., c. 106.

Hear also those generals of the eternal combat, those great geniuses and great saints, consummate in the art of spiritual warfare, which is called asceticism; they all, with one voice, recommend Christian soldiers to make use of the Sign of the Cross.

“Do you feel your heart inflamed?” says St. Chrysostom. “Make the Sign of the Cross on your breast, and your anger shall be dissipated like smoke.”

And St. Augustine: — “Does Amalec, your enemy, try to bar the way and hinder you from advancing? Make the Sign of the Cross, and he shall be vanquished.”

And Mark, the great servant of God, who foretold to the emperor Leo the hour of his death: — “I have learned, by my own experience, that the Sign of the Cross appeases interior troubles, and procures the health of the soul. As soon as the Sign of the Cross is made, grace operates; all is appeased, the flesh as well as the heart.”

St. Maximus of Turin: — “It is from the Sign of the Cross we must expect the cure of all our wounds. If the venom of avarice be diffused through our veins, let us make the Sign of the Cross, and the venom shall be expelled.

“If the scorpion of voluptuousness sting us, let us have recourse to the same means, and we shall be healed.

“If grossly terrestrial thoughts seek to defile us, let us again have recourse to the Sign of the Cross, and we shall live the divine life.” ~ St. Ambr. serm.

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