Stations of the Cross Statuary – Antique Stone Finish (41″ to 96″ High)

US$ 4,400.00US$ 61,600.00

The Stations of the Cross statues are made to order and are not inventoried. 14 Stations of Cross made of fiberglass resin. Not for Hanging, requires Pedestal. Please contact us about the time frame for production and delivery of a complete set. Ships within the U.S only.

Stations of the Cross Statuary, sold as a complete set or per Station. Each piece is molded from an original sculpture, finished by hand, and carefully handled from start to finish. The Stations of the Cross statues are mounted along the eastern and western walls of the church.

The Stations of the Cross statues are made to order and are not inventoried.

Station of Cross Wall Sculpture
Jesus Is Condemned Station 1
43.0″W 20.0″D 48.0″H

Jesus Is Given The Cross Station 2 Sculpture
Jesus Is Given The Cross Station 2
41.0″W 19.0″D 58.0″H

Third Station of the Cross Statue
Jesus Falls The 1st Time Station 3
41.0″W 24.0″D 48.0″H

Fourth Station of The Cross
Jesus Meets His Mother Station 4
41.0″W 19.0″D 57.0″H

Way of the Cross original sculpture
Jesus & Simon the Cyrene Station 5
47.0″W 24.0″D 61.0″H

Jesus Meets Veronica Station 6 Wall Sculpture
Jesus Meets Veronica Station 6
46.0″W 19.0″D 57.0″H

Antique Stone Finish Stations of the Cross
Jesus Falls The 2nd Time Station 7
45.0″W 20.0″D 54.0″H

New Stations of the Cross Statues
Jesus Speaks to the Woman Station 8
44.0″W 19.0″D 58.0″H

Ninth Station of the Cross Statuary
Jesus Falls The Third Time Station 9
44.0″W 20.0″D 56.0″H

Church Size Large Statue of the Station of the Cross
Jesus Is Stripped Station 10
41.0″W 18.0″D 48.0″H

Way of the Cross Statuary: Station 11
Jesus Is Nailed To Cross Station 11
47.0″W 22.0″D 47.0″H

Antique Stone Station of The Cross 12
Jesus Is Crucified w/ cross Station 12
40.0″W 18.0″D 96.0″H

Station 13 Statue: Jesus Is Removed From Cross
Jesus Is Removed From Cross Station 13
47.0″W 22.0″D 47.0″H

Fourteen Station of the Cross Statues
Jesus Is Buried Station 14
42.0″W 21.0″D 41.0″H

Our finishing sample page demonstrates many other finish color options that can be applied to the Stations of the Cross upon your request. All finishes may vary throughout production due to their hand-painted application. If you need to order all 14 stations, we highly recommend ordering them all at the same time for the best color matching results.

By mastering the art of casting our products in fiberglass resin we manage to retain all the detail or the original with the added benefits of less weight (reduced shipping costs), greater strength, and a product suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, otherwise shop in confidence – we deliver directly from manufacturing plant to lower overall costs of our beautiful statues.

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