Saint Albert the Great Medal 1″

US$ 57.00US$ 1,515.00

Saint Albert the Great medal on this product page comes without a chain. If you order a medal without a chain, a jump-ring is included so you can attach it to your own chain. You can easily add to your shopping cart a chain you like from a wide selection of chains available from our “Necklaces & Chains” selection.

Medal Size: 1 x 3/4 inches (25mm x 19mm)

About Saint Albert the Great

Albert the Great, Universal Doctor and Patron of the Sciences, was born in the castle of Lauingen on the Danube early in the 13th century. Under the inspiration of. Jordan of Saxony (St. Dominic’s successor), the young count entered the Order of Preachers from the University of Padua, despite family opposition. Following ordination he taught in Dominican houses of study at Hildesheim, Freiburg in Breisgau, Ratisbon, and Cologne, achieving greatest distinction at the Priory of St. Jacques affiliated to the University of Paris. He was a pioneer in the experimental scientific method as well as in Aristotelian philosophy, and his solid achievements in science are acknowledged today. He was probably the most prolific writer on scientific and spiritual subjects in the medieval period. He was also bishop of Ratisbon, and preacher of the last Crusade in Germany. He died in Cologne in 1280, some time after an arduous walk to Paris and back to defend the memory of his greatest disciple, Thomas Aquinas.

About Bliss Christian Jewelry

Saint Albert the Great Sterling Silver Medals

Our Sterling silver medals are at least 92.5 percent pure silver. Copper is typically combined to improve the metal’s hardness and durability without compromising the quality and look of the silver.

Sterling Silver medals are marked with a quality stamp to ensure the content of the silver. Federal law mandates that the quality stamp must include the maker’s mark. You will find either “Sterling Bliss” or “Sterling BLI” on the back of our medals – both acceptable quality marks.

14 Karat Gold Filled Medals

Our new 14 Karat Gold Filled has the look and feel of solid 14 Karat Gold but at a fraction of the price without sacrificing the beauty, durability and long-term wear. 14 Karat Gold Filled is a solid layer of gold bonded to the front and back of the medal. In upgrading to 14 Karat Gold Filled, we are more than doubling the amount of gold in our medals to 10% 14 Karat.

14 Karat Gold Medals

Our 14 Karat Gold is composed of 58.3 percent pure gold and is ideal for fine jewelry. Other alloys, such as copper, are mixed in with the gold to give more of a red warm hue. This also give the metal strength. Since gold is a natural element, it is very durable. We do recommend removing the jewelry if it may come in contact with chemicals. To clean gold jewelry, use warm water and detergent free soap and a soft brush.

Lifetime Guarantee

Bliss Manufacturing stands behind its’ jewelry and honors a lifetime guarantee. Our medals are sprayed with a lacquer coating to protect the finish. Should any of our medals, crosses, crucifixes, or chains tarnish,  or have defects, we will either repair or replace free of charge. This guarantee takes precedence over our standard return policy.

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