Indoor and Outdoor Religious Statue Finishes

This sample page shows different color finishes that you can choose for your statue. Our statues product/shopping cart pages offer a wide selection of finishes listed below.

For our outdoor statues, use factory recommended “Outdoor Finishes” designed for all weather conditions. Most of the statues available from the Virgo Sacrata are made from fiberglass resin, or fiberstone, using hand-painted finishes.

Please also consult our “Winter Care of Statues” page to make your statues last the longest and keep their beauty over time.

Actual color may slightly vary. The combination of the fiber and resin/cast stone provides greater strength, and makes a product suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor Statue Finishes

Outdoor Finishes Outdoor Finishes

Antique White Catholic Statues

Antique Stone Statue (OK for outdoor)

Gothic Stone Outdoor Statue

Gothic Stone Statue (OK for outdoor)

Bronze Catholic Statues

Bronze Statue (OK for outdoor)

Catholic Green Bronze Statues

Green Bronze Statue (OK for outdoor)

White Indoor Statues

Flat White Statue (OK for outdoor)

Iron Outdoor Religious statue

Iron Statue (OK for outdoor)

Fiberglass Religious Statues

Flat Black Statue (OK for outdoor)

Indoor Statue Finishes

Indoor Finishes Indoor Finishes

Catholic old stone statue

Old Stone (Indoor only)

Limestone Fiberglass Statues
Limestone (Indoor only)

Catholic Antique Gold Statues

Antique Gold Statue (Indoor only)

Metro Statues
Metro Statue (Indoor only)

Fiberglass Gold Satues

Deep Gold Statue (Indoor only)

Museum Terra Cotta

Museum Terra Cotta Statue (Indoor only)

 Aged Silver Indoor Statues

Aged Silver Statue (Indoor only)

Mossy Green Indoor Statues

Mossy Green Statue (Indoor only)

Catholic Silver Statues
Silver Statue (Indoor only)

Antique Silver Catholic Statues

Antique Silver Statue (Indoor only)

Catholic Statues Online

Dusted Sand Statue (Indoor only)

Antique White Catholic Statues

Antique White Statue (Indoor only)

Catholic Fiberglass Statues

Dusted Black Statue (Indoor only)

Statuary Materials

FIBERGLASS – By mastering the art of casting our products in fiberglass resin we manage to retain all the detail or the original with the added benefits of less weight (reduced shipping costs), greater strength, and a product suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

FIBER STONE – Fiber Stone is a mixture of sand and stones cast into the surface using terrazzo-like techniques. The surface is then sandblasted and chemically treated, followed by an acid stain to give the appearance of aged stone. Since it is reinforced with a fiberglass backing, it remains light-weight and less fragile than concrete.

BONDED CARRARA MARBLE  – An addition to our collection is imported statuary from Italy. These beautiful statues are made out of Bonded Carrara Marble. You’ll love them. There is no material key for these products.

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