Cherry Wood Home Crucifix 10″

US$ 37.00

10-inch Cherry Wood Wall Crucifix.


When moving into a new home, Catholic and Christian orthodox families should bless the house or apartment and hang a crucifix in the doorway, bedrooms, and in the kitchen. All families should consider with great deal consecrating their homes to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Why? It is a simple way of letting Christ know that He is King. The center of any home let alone a Catholic one should NEVER be a television! The focal point of a Catholic home should be the family altar.

Bless your new home before moving in

God the Father almighty, we fervently implore you for the sake of this home and its occupants and possessions, that you may bless ✝ and sanctify them, enriching them by your kindness in every way possible. Pour out on them, Lord, heavenly dew in good measure, as well as an abundance of earthly needs. Mercifully listen to their prayers, and grant that their desires be fulfilled. At our lowly coming be pleased to bless and sanctify this home, as you once were pleased to bless the home of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Within these walls let your angels of light preside and stand watch over those who live here; through Christ our Lord. Amen.  Source: Rituale Romanum.

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