Mother Love

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Originally written in the late 1800s by a priest of the Capuchin order, Rev. Pius Franciscus, this inspiring prayer book contains a vast assortment of prayers, devotions, and instructions for Christian wives and mothers. Original 1926 reprint without revisions! 684 pages.


Mother Love is an inspiring prayer book, compiled by Rev. Pius Franciscus, contains a vast assortment of prayers, devotions, and instructions for Catholic wives and mothers. Throughout the pages of Mother Love the prayers and instructions are aimed at aiding a mother to develop her mind and heart according to Christian principles so that she may more easily draw her family to Christ.

  • Original 1926 reprint without revisions
  • 684 pages
  • Imprimatur – +Patrick Cardinal Hayes, D.D. – 1925

Mother Love Includes:

  • Familiar prayers and special devotions for Holy Mass, Communion and Confession
  • Prayers for the various special needs of a Christian mother
    • for a happy delivery
    • to the Guardian Angels of her children
    • to obtain a conversion for her child
    • for her sick children
    • and many more
  • Prayers and novenas to the special patrons of mothers and wives such as Saints Monica and Elizabeth
  • Instructions for mothers on how to train their child throughout the stages of his/her life

Purchase this book for yourself, or for the Catholic mothers you know. It contains almost everything a mother needs to nurture and grow her spiritual life, so that through their sanctification they may sanctify their husbands and children, and truly become the heart of the Catholic home.

“What on God’s good earth is more glorious than this; to be a mother?”  ~ Cardinal Mindzenty.

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