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Miraculous Medal Rosary from Carnelian Gemstones

The Medal of the Immaculate Conception popularly known as the Miraculous Medal was designed by the Blessed Virgin herself! No wonder, then that it wins such extraordinary graces for those who wear it, and pray for Mary’s intercession and help. From our own workshop, this miraculous medal rosary is made with carnelian gemstones beads traditionally wire-wrapped by hand, making the rosary virtually unbreakable.

Miraculous Medal Rosary Parts

Aves: 8 mm Carnelian Gemstones Beads
Paters: 10 mm Carnelian Gemstones Beads
Rosary Center:  Miraculous Medal 3/4 inch (19 mm), made of solid lead-free brass
Crucifix:  2 1/8 inch, made of solid lead-free brass
Total Length:  36 inches (91 cm)
Wire: Bronze
Method:  Wire-wrapped by hand
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About Virgo Sacrata Rosaries: 

We have made our rosaries to last a lifetime, and to be passed down for generations! Our rosaries are different from others because we use the traditional wire-wrapping technique. There are only a small number of rosary makers in the world who use this method. Traditionally wire-wrapped by hand, this procedure requires several hours to produce a 5-decade rosary, and almost 4 meters of wire, which makes our rosaries virtually unbreakable. We stand behind our products and service with confidence!


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