Manuale Exorcismorum (1678 Edition in Latin)

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Manuale Exorcismorum continens instructiones & exorcismos ad eiiciendos è corporibus obsessis spiritus malignos. By Maximilianus Eynatten STL, 1678 Latin Edition.  Paperback: ‎ 342 pages. 6″ x 9″. This book is for clergy only.


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Manuale Exorcismorum contains instructions and exorcisms for use by priests without faculties for casting out evil spirits from the bodies of the possessed and to driving out whatever malefices and to driving back certain infestations of demons. This book is NOT a facsimile like the other versions publicly available. It is a transcribed text into modern Latin notation making it much more readable than the original version.

soli deo honor et gloria

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