Kwik-Lite Charcoal

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Kwik – Lite Charcoal is designed to light quickly and last for a long time. Each individual briquette is cradled in a vacuum formed tray for protection and convenience. 100 tabs per box.
Charcoal tab size: 1-1/2″ D x 1″ H


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Kwik – Lite Charcoal is designed to light quickly and last for a long time during church ceremonies and services. One lights the corner of the charcoal tab on fire, then places it in the censer and extinguishes the flame. After the glowing sparks traverse the entire briquette, it is ready to have incense placed on it.

The way that the incense is burned is as follows:

The censer or thurible is hung on three chains, and has a lid that can be lifted by another chain. The lid is pierced with holes, so that when the censer is swung to and fro, the air passes through the holes and makes the lighted charcoal in the censer bum brightly. When the time comes to offer the incense, the lid is lifted by the “ Thurifer,” who carries the censer, and the priest places a little incense on the burning charcoal, blessing it with the words, “By Him may this incense be blessed, in Whose honor it is burnt,” making also the sign of the Cross oyer it. The censer is then closed and swung to and fro, so that the coals bum brightly and the smoke ascends. The word “Thurifer” is a Latin word that means “the bearer of the incense,” and the word “ Thurible ” means the vessel in which the incense is burnt, i.e., the censer.

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