Hanging Wooden Crucifix 10″

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10″ carved walnut crucifix with the golden corpus.


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Hanging Wooden Crucifix 10 inch with Golden Corpus. Gift box included.

“. . . Never cross the threshold of your houses without saying, “I renounce Satan, and devote myself to Jesus Christ”; accompanying these words with the Sign of the Cross: cum hoc verbo et crucem in fronte imprimas.” ~ St. Chrysostom, Quod Christus sit Deus: et Homil. Xxi, ad popul. Antioch.

“Where are the crucifix, holy images, holy, water in apartments? In the sea, all in the sea. And the vessel still continues to sink. The Christian spirit is diminishing; the contrary spirit is increasing. They cast themselves into skiffs, that is to say, into some kind of religion, which they make to suit their age, position, temperament and taste, and they live in this way.” ~ Mgr. Jean-Joseph Gaume, The Sign of the Cross.

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