Hand-Carved Wood Icon of Our Lady in Sterling Silver

US$ 1,090.00

Hand-Carved Wood Icon of Our Lady surrounded with mini Icons. Size: 24 x 14 inches
Special Order – Please inquire about Delivery Time before ordering.


Hand-Carved Wood Icon of Our Lady surrounded with mini Icons. There are five main types of representation of the Theotokos in Orthodox iconography:

  • The Guide; Hodigitria – In this type, the Ever Virgin Mary is holding Christ and pointing toward Him, as a guide to God and salvation.
  • Tender Mercy; Eleusa – In this type, the Theotokos holds her Son, who touches his face to hers and wraps at least one arm around her neck or shoulder. The Theotokos represents the Church of Christ, thereby displaying the fullness of love between God and man, a love that can only be achieved within the bosom of church, the Mother.
  • All Merciful, Panakranta – In this type, Mary is regally enthroned with Baby Jesus on her lap, both facing the viewer. The throne symbolizes her royal glory, she alone is perfect among those born on earth. According to the Fourth Ecumenical Council, she presides with Christ over the destiny of the world.
  • Intercessor, Agiosortissa – Mary is shown alone, in profile with her hands held out in supplication. She is facing to her left, usually to a separate icon of Christ.
  • Praying, – Oranta , Panagia , Lady of the Sign – In this type, Mary is shown with arms in ornate position, with Christ enclosed in a circle in her womb. “Of the Sign,” is a reference to the words of Isaiah 7:14, “The Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel.”
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