Gregorian Chant for Passiontide: Maundy Thursday & Tenebræ of Good Friday with Solesmes (3 CD Set)

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Gregorian Chant for Passiontide: Maundy Thursday & Tenebræ of Good Friday with Solesmes (3 CD Set). The most famous and ‘authentic’ recordings of Gregorian chant for generations have been those made by the Monastic Choir of St.Peter s Abbey, Solesmes. Total number of tracks: 86.


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Gregorian Chant for Passiontide: Maundy Thursday & Tenebræ of Good Friday with Solesmes (3 CD Set).

Since 1833, the research and study of Gregorian Chant by the Monks of the Abbey of St. Peter in Solesmes, France, has focused on making this sung form of prayer the finest possible offering for God, to whom it is addressed six times a day at the Abbey.

These recordings include the moving Gregorian chants and prayers for the night before Jesus’ Passion, when he gave the “mandate” to love one another as he has loved us and includes Ubi caritas and Pange Lingua and the two Gregorian chant offices of Maundy Thursday — the Office of Tenebræ and the Ceremony of Foot-washing. Tenebrae of Good Friday includes all three nocturnes of the office of Matins and the antiphons and psalms of Lauds the Good Friday liturgy of the hours, sung in the dramatic style appropriate to the night before the Savior’s Passion.

This set includes 3 CDs: Maundy Thursday, Christ in Gethsemane, and Tenebræ of Good Friday.

Gregorian Chant for Passiontide Tracklist

CD1 Tracklist
1. Zelus – Psalm 68 (Antiphon)
2. Avertantur – Psalm 69 (Antiphon)
3. Deus meus – Psalm 70 (Antiphon)
4. In monte (Responsorium)
5.Tristis est (Responsorium)
6. Ecce vidimus (Responsorium)
7. Liberavit – Psalm 71 (Antiphon)
8. Cogitaverunt – Psalm 72 (Antiphon)
9. Exsurge – Psalm 73 (Antiphon)
10. Amicus (Responsorium)
11. Iudas (Responsorium)
12. Unus (Responsorium)
13. Dixi – Psalm 74 (Antiphon)
14. Terra – Psalm 75 (Antiphon)
15. In Die – Psalm 76 (Antiphon)
16. Eram (Responsorium)
17. Una hora (Responsorium)
18. Seniores (Responsorium)
19. Iustificeris – Psalm 50 (Antiphon)
20. Dominus – Psalm 89 (Antiphon)
21. Contritum est – Psalm 35 (Antiphon)
22. Exhortatus es – Lobgesang (Antiphon)
23. Oblatus est – Psalm 146 (Antiphon)
24. Traditor – Benedictus (Antiphon)
25. Christus factus est (Responsorium)
26. Mandatum novum (Antiphon)
27. Postquam surrexit (Antiphon)
28. Domine tu mihi (Antiphon)
29. Dominus Iesus (Antiphon)
30. Vos vocatis me (Antiphon)
31. Manete autem (Antiphon)
32. Caritas patiens (Antiphon)
33. Diligamus nos (Antiphon)
34. Deus caritas (Antiphon)
35. Ubi est caritas (Antiphon)
36. Caritas est (Antiphon)
37. Maneant in vobis (Antiphon)

CD 2 Tracklist
1. Nos autem (Introitus)
2. Greeting and Penitential rite)
3. Kyrie III
4. Gloria II
5. Collect
6. First reading: Exodus 12:1-8, 11-14
7. Oculi omnium (Gradual)
8. Second reading: I Corinthians 11:23-26
9. Ab ortu solis (Traktat)
10. Gospel: John 13:1-15
11. General intercessions
12. Ubi caritas (Offertorium)
13. Prayer over the gifts and Preface for Eucharist I
14. Sanctus V
15. Eucharistic prayer I
16. Pater noster and Communion rite
17. Agnus Dei V
18. Hoc corpus
19. Prayer after Communion
20. Pange lingua (Prozession und Hymne)

CD 3 Tracklist
1. Astitérunt – Psalm 2 (Antiphon)
2. Divisérunt – Psalm 21 (Antiphon)
3. Insurrexérunt – Psalm 26 (Antiphon)
4. Omnes amici (Responsorium)
5. Velum templi (Responsorium)
6. Vinea mea (Responsorium)
7. Vim faciébant – Psalm 37 (Antiphon)
8. Confundántur – Psalm 39 (Antiphon)
9. Aliéni – Psalm 35 (Antiphon)
10.Tamquam (Responsorium)
11. Ténebrae (Responsorium)
12. Animam meam (Responsorium)
13. Ab Insurgéntibus – Psalm 58 (Antiphon)
14. Longe fecisti – Psalm 87 (Antiphon)
15. Captábunt – Psalm 93 (Antiphon)
16. Tradidérunt (Responsorium)
17. Iesum trádidit (Responsorium)
18. Callgavérunt (Responsorium)
19. Próprio filio – Psalm 50 (Antiphon)
20. Anxiátus est – Psalm 142 (Antiphon)
21. Alt latro – Psalm 84 (Antiphon)
22. Dum conturbáta – Lobgesang (Antiphon)
23. Meménto mei – Psalm 147 (Antiphon)
24. Posuérunt – Benedictus (Antiphon)
25. Christus factus est (Responsorium)
26. Pange lingua (Hymne)
27. Insurrexérunt (Responsorium)
28. Vadis propitiátor (Responsorium)
29. Vexilla regis (Hymne)

The Recorded Legacy of Solesmes

Since the refounding of the monastery of St. Peter of Solesmes in 1833 under Dom Prosper Gueranger, this Benedictine monastery on the River Sarthe in western France has set the world standard both for performance of Gregorian chant and the authenticity of the music itself. Commissioned by Pope Pius X to research the role of chant in liturgy and to edit books on chant that reflect this research, Solesmes enjoys an enviable reputation. Its work in liturgical reform and in the current revival of Gregorian chant has been likened to that of the great abbey of Cluny in the Middle Ages.

Gregorian Chant for Passiontide incorporate new understandings of ancient manuscripts and represent a distillation of nearly 200 years of scholarship in the chant: musical paleography, semiology, and modality. The groundbreaking work by the monks of Solesmes has contributed to today’s resurgence of interest in Gregorian chant as the foundation of Western music.

These recordings have won numerous prestigious international awards, including the Grand Prix du Disque, Deutsche Schallplatten Prize, Diapason d’Or, and the Edison Prize.

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