Devotion to the Precious Blood

This small but powerful book gives a whole new appreciation for the Precious Blood of Christ. Readers will see why the Precious Blood is a treasure of infinite value. They will learn how to offer the Precious Blood to the Father to atone for sins and obtain all graces and blessings for themselves and others. Included here are inspiring promises of Our Lord; intriguing stories from lives of Saints; poignant revelations of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich on the scourging of Christ – plus many classic Catholic prayers. This booklet opens up hearts to love Jesus and puts souls in touch with the spiritual riches of His Precious Blood.

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Devotion to the Precious Blood of Christ

Devotion to the Precious Blood is connected to devotion to the Passion and Death of Our Lord, since through the sheding of His Blood, mankind was redeemed. Consequently, one can say the Church has always honored the Blood of Jesus Christ. Romans 5:9 states, “we are justified by His blood”, and Hebrews 13:12 states, “and so Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people by His blood, suffered outside the gate.” 1 John 1:7 also writes of the Precious Blood: “…and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin.”

Closer to our modern era, devotion to the Precious Blood has been greatly encouraged by Blessed Gaspar Buffalo, founder of the Congregation of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Pope Pius IX was exiled from Rome in 1849. A companion of Pope Pius IX was Don Giovanni Merlini, the third general of that Congregation. Don Giovanni Merlini suggested to Pope Pius IX that he make a vow to give the Feast of the Precious Blood to the entire church, if he should regain the papal territory. Pope Pius IX immediately extended it to the whole Church. The Feast of the Precious Blood is celebrated on July 1st.

“Unlimited is the effectiveness of the God-Man’s Blood — just as unlimited as the love that impelled him to pour it out for us, first at his circumcision eight days after birth, and more profusely later on in his agony in the garden, in his scourging and crowning with thorns, in his climb to Calvary and crucifixion, and finally from out that great wide wound in his side which symbolizes the divine Blood cascading down into all the Church’s sacraments. Such love suggests, nay demands, that everyone reborn in the torrents of that Blood adore it with grateful love.” (Pope John XXIII: Devotion to the Most Precious Blood.)

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