Bergama Angel Set – Realistic Color Statues 35″

US$ 1,200.00US$ 2,400.00

Bergama Renaissance Angel Statues are cast in quality fiberglass resin and painted by hand. Please allow 24 weeks for production and delivery. Ships within the U.S only.
Finish Shown: Realistic
Size of Each Angel: 14″W x 25″D x 35″H
Weight: 37 lbs

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Bergama Angel-Left Statue
Bergama Angel Statue – Antique Stone Finish

Bergama Angel Statues are molded from an original sculpture, painted by hand, and carefully handled from start to finish. Fiber glass statues feature finer detail and greater strength than other materials.

From feathered wings to draped gown, these beautiful church angel statues epitomize the attention to detail for which Renaissance artists were renowned.

The Angel Statue can be customized with the finish of your choice, for example, Antique Stone Finish, as shown on the picture on the left. Please visit the finishing sample page to view the actual finish colors of our statues. All finishes may vary throughout production due to their hand-painted application.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, otherwise shop in confidence – we deliver directly from manufacturing plant to lower overall costs of our beautiful statues.

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