An Angel’s Offering Cathedral Statue 61″

US$ 2,000.00US$ 4,000.00

This Angel Statue directly cast from a 19th-century original discovered in an Italian cathedral.  Perfect for any church, serene garden or home gallery. Please allow 16-24 weeks for production and delivery. Ships within the U.S only.
Size: 17″W x 17″D x 61″H
Weight: 60.0 lbs

This Angel Statue is directly cast from a 19th-century original discovered in an Italian cathedral. Too splendid to remain hidden away in Lucca, Italy, this stunning angel is an heirloom investment for generations to come. Peace emanates from the tranquil face and sloping shoulders, while prayerful hands holding shell holy water font.

Every detail, from feathered wings to the soft folds of its gown, is skillfully captured in high-quality fiberglass resin and hand-painted in an antique stone finish. Due to an unprecedented agreement with an Italian company that specializes in antique religious statues, this monumental work of art was rescued from obscurity, perfect for any church, serene garden or home gallery.

This sculpture is cast in solid fiberglass resin, a durable polymer with the look and feel of ceramic. Resin statues feature finer detail and greater strength than other materials. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Upon request, this Angel Statue can be painted in other colors. Please visit the finishing sample page to view different finish colors of our statues.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, otherwise shop in confidence – we deliver directly from manufacturing plant to lower overall costs of our beautiful statues.

Angel Statue Product Care

  • This item is crafted of durable resin and may be displayed outdoors with the following care:
  • Painted statues will benefit from a coat of clear acrylic spray paint to slow fading from sun exposure.
  • Avoid direct exposure to freezing winter weather.

Holy Water at the Entrance to the Church

Holy water is mentioned in the Old Testament, however, somewhere around the year 120 AD, the sixth Pope, St. Alexander (115-125A.D.) decreed that Holy Water (blessed water) should always be kept in the places of worship and in the homes of the faithful for the purpose of driving away Lucifer and the other bad angels. To this very day Catholic Churches keep Holy Water at all of their church doors. If there is no Holy Water chances are that you are not in a Catholic Church. It seems to me very proper that a good angel hold the Holy Water since it is an object of terror to Satan and his minions and which sanctifies (makes holy) everything it touches. Holy Water is a sacramental, and like the sacraments derives its supernatural power from the suffering of Christ, in His tears, in His blood, in His humiliations, in His death; the merits, of which are applied to certain objects by the power of the priesthood. If the Sign of the Cross is prayed devoutly, upon entering church, ones venial sins are forgiven. It is best to have our soul sparkling in the state of grace, free from all venial sin upon receiving the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord in Holy Communion. Our souls first entered into the sea of grace at Baptism in water. With Holy Water let us renew our Baptismal promises in the Name of Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. (St. Boniface Church, The Treasure Within).

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