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How to Gain a Plenary Indulgence Prayercard
How to Gain a Plenary Indulgence Prayercard
How to Gain a Plenary Indulgence Prayer Card.

Ven. Innocent XI, Br. January 28, 1688;
Innocent XIII, June 4, 1721;
Leo XIII, August 19, 1895.

The following indulgences may be gained by persons who possess blessed objects which have touched the holy places and sacred relics of the Holy Land.

i. Plenary, in articulo mortis, at the point of death.

I, II. Should Confession and Communion be impossible, the invocation of the Holy Name of JESUS with contrition, at least in the heart, suffices.

ii. Plenary, on Christmas Day, the Epiphany, Easter Day, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, the Purification, Annunciation, Nativity B.V.M., Nativity of St John Baptist, SS. Peter and Paul, Andrew, James, John, Thomas, Philip and James, Bartholomew, Matthew, Simon and Jude, Matthias, and All Saints, to those who say at least once a week a Chaplet of our LORD, or of our Lady, the Rosary or a third part thereof, the Divine Office, or the Office of the B.V.M. or of the Dead, the Penitential or Gradual Psalms; or whose custom it is to teach the Catechism, visit prisoners, or the sick in hospitals, or help the poor, or hear Mass, or say Mass. I, II, III.

iii. Seven Years and Seven Quarantines, for the above pious exercises on other feasts of our LORD or of our Lady.

iv. Five Years and Five Quarantines, for the same on any Sunday or feast in the year.

v. 100 Days, for the same, on any day of the year.

vi. 200 Days, to those who visit prisoners, or the sick in hospitals, or teach the Catechism in church, or at home to their own children, relations or servants, or who are accustomed to say at least once a week, the Chaplet or Rosary, or Office B.V.M or of the Dead, or Vespers of the Dead, or one Nocturn with Lauds of the same, or who shall say the Penitential Psalms with the Litanies and Prayers,

vii. 100 Days, to those who at the sound of the bell say the Angelus or not knowing it, a Pater and Ave, or in like manner say the De Profundis at night, or not knowing it, a Pater and Ave, or who every Friday meditate on the Passion and Death of our LORD and say the Pater and Ave thrice, or who with contrition and purpose of amendment examine their consciences and say Pater and Ave thrice, or who say the Pater and Ave thrice in honour of the Holy Trinity, or the Pater and Ave five times in memory of the Five Wounds of our LORD.

viii. 50 Days, to those who say any prayer in preparation before saying Mass or receiving Holy Communion, or before saying the Divine Office or the Office B.V. M.

ix. 50 Days, to those who pray for the dying, saying for them at least the Pater noster and Ave Maria. (See Instructions.) N.B. Indulgences following the same lines and practically identical with the above are attached to similar objects blessed by the Pope or a priest with the requisite faculties. The list of these indulgences, with slight variations, is published anew by successive Pontiffs.

The following conditions, however, must be observed :

i. The blessed object must be carried about on the person, or kept in the bedroom, or other suitable place, and reverently used for the prescribed devotions.

ii. It must not be made of fragile material,

iii. Pictures, whether printed or painted, are not admissible, and images must be of saints canonized or inscribed in approved martyrologies.

Source: The Raccolta: Or Collection of Indulgenced Prayers.

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